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  1. Kevin Ko says

    Thailand Thailand Thailand Thailand Thailand Thailand Thailand Thailand Thailand Thailand Thailand Thailand Thailand Thailand Thailand Thailand Thailand Thailand Thailand Thailand Thailand Thailand Thailand Thailand Thailand Thailand Thailand Thailand

  2. Joseph H. Hwa says

    Jesus, i get a line through Christ!

  3. skyblue Lovely says

    That's fine that's life u all get through this, if there are really people will help they will help, the government can help,, God will never leave you,, there are ways, my prayers for all.. God bless you all!

  4. Jim says

    The Philippines πŸ‡΅πŸ‡­ needs to get people back to work because they badly need the income

  5. First and Last swagman says


  6. Raphael Cabatana says

    This is how the government of President D30 managed his constituents with covid 19. What a failure indeed!

  7. j mateo says

    President Duterte can’t you do something about this?!? This is ridiculous!! I am pretty sure that the Government has funds for this situation!

  8. dkd da says

    They need to learn about condom in the philippines, we dont need anymore whores and maids out in this world.

  9. jansen williams says

    They praying to that pagan God that can't do nothing for them !the God of Israel is the only true God!

  10. dhemanne regcap says

    You failed to mention that some of these OFWs weren't allowed to leave the country because the countries that they're suppose to go to ARE ALSO IN LOCKDOWN therefore are not accepting flights from other countries – not just the Philippines! Provinces have also started reopening borders so these people with cancelled flights should go to the airport and check for updates instead of waiting for a miracle. There are shelters there, even Ateneo opened their campus for homeless people. The govt has been providing for them so I don't know why these people chose to live under the bridge. The police could've just brought them to the shelters, that could've made this situation better.
    This page has shown nothing positive about the Philippines, please don't believe everything they air.

  11. YoU tuBe says

    What the heck man… That's awful

  12. Ashish Sharma says

    plz god help phillipini ppl
    They are very nice
    Love from Nepal

  13. NATTV says

    The government and their mayors are busy to demolish and destroying the poor belonging and stuffs around the country even during pandemic eventually makes people getting poorer and keep virus spreading.

  14. Jesse James Pogoy says

    Puro tayo reklamo eh…. puro sisi eh kung mag kulungan nlng kaya…

  15. karl sebastien del mar says

    it's better to be pro Chinese than a pro Filipino nowadays in the Philippines.

  16. karl sebastien del mar says

    poor people. they look like they don't belong in their country anymore.

  17. The stupid country called "PHILIPPINES " and they are proud of it🀞

  18. ka totoy says

    nakakaawa situation nila.. pero hindi maiwasan mapansin yung basura na iniiwan nila..

  19. KAMAL KARN says

    Hi I am in India

  20. kimhooi says

    You journalists should expose the list of names of ex-employers on the net who once employed those people . Oblige them to take their responsibilties to help those people to return home safely . WHERE are the people who called themselves THE PEOPLE OF GOD ???

  21. Fortunato Wenceslao says

    Jamela alindogan name sounds like bold star from Regal films…

  22. Hnm Hmm says

    😒😒😒 The Philippine government is a failure!

  23. PH VlogLine says

    Other countries have stopped Lockdowns and returned to normal living. Philippines did NOT. It enjoys returning to Quarantines and lockdowns. Covid19 has gotten into the brains of Philippines government officials and made them idiots as well as Filipino citizens. Many Pinoys demands continues lockdowns for fear of this virus. Paranoia and ignorance will throw us into total Economic collapse.

  24. Diba says

    Millionaire Philippines should be able to reach out and help their people…

  25. Dora Williams says

    if you not going to give them a job, send them home, why let them suffer.

  26. Mario Delacruz says

    Fake news

  27. Lifes2short says

    It’s very sad, there are a lot of people effected by this pandemic in every country.

  28. Yarah Rilloraza says

    My Brother (OFW) had been stranded in Manila for 14 days quarantine and due to lockdown 1 month extension,as usual, and he had been provided assistance by the Government all through out for food and accommodation. Now, he is in Capiz, Visayaz, travelled by Ship as there was no available flight and comfortably staying in our Home that is because of OWWA assistance also. It puzzled me so much if this news is true or these Workers has failed to coordinate with Government Officials in OWWA Airport.
    I am an Ex OFW also landed Feb 2020, seeing other Workers Abroad having situation like this is tough but I do not agree most of the time with News Reports as they normally report what they see without proper researching.
    Duterte our current Administration may have shortcomings, same also with other great Leaders in other Countries but mostly (not all) Filipinos are happy with his Leadership back here. He received "Excellent Rate" in recent survey and this is during pandemic covid times. If he is that trash, do you think Survey Excellent would be the result because of Fear of Filipino to his Administration?
    I don't want to side to anyone But I surely do not want let wrong perception.

  29. Fotosynthesis858 says

    It's President Duterte's fault. He's too busy trying to murder everyone. The Filipino people don't love or support him… THEY FEAR HIM. πŸ‘ŽπŸΎπŸ‘ŽπŸΎ

  30. Uncle Ruckus says

    One woman died after staying 5 days at edsa
    Walaang hiya gobyerno

  31. Cob 702 says

    Start a Go Fund Me, will send money $

  32. Rod Silver says

    Where can we send donations? Give them sanitation and food people!

  33. DAVIS MATE says

    So let get this right, Philippine has probably highest number of migrant workers abroad who send billions per year back home, yet their gov treat them like this, durtete gov must be the dumbest administration on the face of earth probably second to trmmp .

  34. musicguy20 says

    Employers should try to help them out a bit. Sad.

  35. Fahad Abdillahi says

    I like her voice… Half english Phlipino accent and other half

  36. Resistance T1 says

    Sabhn nyo fake news dds tsktsk

  37. Mr Feast says

    Poor women, Philipinos are nice people they don't deserve this

  38. Your Polish-Vietnamese guy says

    Philippines is basically a sad evidence of how the country's economic poverty miskeen together with its over development. Industrialised? Yes. Developed? Nope.

  39. aydooknow says

    The Duterte administration is the most corrupt since marcos

  40. Abraham Tsfaye says

    Very sad country.

  41. Walden Smith says

    It's unfortunate these workers abroad and local are stranded in Manilla. May God give them strength Hope and courage to carry on in life. I humbly ask the Govt to help these stranded workers to be reunited with their families.

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