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  1. FoodieMommaPH says

    Whoohoo!!! Here we go, Philippines!!!♥♥♥

  2. Eric Ismael says

    Yup your there in kiApo hehe i miss street foods

  3. Mb.Jayle Anne Austria says

    Thought Ortigas is the center of Manila…

  4. Nikki Airyt says


  5. lmgbebe says

    You guys can eat…I would of been full after the 2nd vendor

  6. clarkevander says


    The variety of that banana is called saba. It doesn't have the texture of a banana that you're used to.

  7. lain says


  8. Norly Magbanua says

    I'm wondering why you didn't mix that Halo-Halo. The best ingredients settled at the bottom. Mix it completely until the ice melts before you can eat it. Sabi masarap hindi nga nahalo eh hehehe

  9. Norly Magbanua says

    Filipino streetfoods are mostly tastes sweet and sour or a combination. Same goes with the cuisine a bit of spicy and salty. Love your blog

  10. Fadjar Daniel says

    In Indonesia, We called "Bubur Sumsum".. Cant wait August will be in Manila.

  11. Glei Malupit says

    masama loob ko jan sa binatog na yan. ilang beses na ko napeke na ice cream nung kabataan ko 🙁

  12. Ronildo Garcia says

    i want to go Manila!

  13. ingwiddinnyy says

    ang mahal naman ng taho HAHAHAH bente

  14. Lesly Vidal says

    Luke is so handsome I can watch him eat all day.

  15. Shubhangi Gupta says
  16. Scarlett Conley says


    'It was terrible, I know, but-'

  17. Sylvia Conley says


    ඒව බලා කල්පනාකාරීව.

  18. Zach Travel says

    yummy foods

  19. Angelo Cabang says

    You guys should go as far away from manila to try real pinoy foods guys….

  20. Jane Doe says

    Woaah new subscriber! You guys are very open and respectful to our culture and the food too! I know foreigners might turn their backs to some of our food because most of them are really sweet. But you guys are really amazing. Also, you featured Binatog. That’s soooo crazy rare nowadays! Thank you so much ^^ Come back soon! There’s more to see~

  21. I mind my business says

    Filipinos seems to be pretty sweet people I can see brown sugar in almost everything Lol

  22. Roo says

    I enjoyed your video, but… You kept saying things like,” his little bike or his little contraption.” That seemed super condescending and rude😬. Your privilege is showing hard kids.🙄

  23. Nikki says

    Soo happy to see Binatog.
    Used to have this during merienda when I was a kid in the Philippines

  24. Robert Weinlood says

    What are you stupid children doing there they will kill you and maybe you are eating dog and don't know it God are you dumb

  25. GenRos Vlog says

    Wowwwwwww..soooo goooòooodddd

  26. Mark Burkhart says

    Ahhh I miss living in the Philippines 🇵🇭! I spent two years there over four trips.

  27. Josh Delfinado says

    Born in the Philippines, living in Canada. I want to go back

  28. meladrip13 says

    if yall need a tour guide in manila hit me up. i live in manila and i can show you around deeper in manila..
    manila night life, food trips, culturual trip anything u want.

  29. EJ Shin says

    Taho is the only street food I can recommend. It's healthy, good for girls 😄👌

    P.S. December to February are relatively cool months in the country.

  30. Ofelia Sarmiento says

    pandemic daus may 2020 –whose watching,,,,

  31. Jane A says

    Best food ever!!!

  32. Nico Aingel says

    Most of street foods in philippines are sweet. 🙂

  33. InTrumpWeTrust says

    Viewing during COVID-19 lockdown and can't wait to go to The Philippines when the world gets back to 'normal'.

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