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  1. syed rahim says


  2. Aiza Sison says

    please save us from coronavirus 😓😓

  3. Shmily Villajos says

    Tomorrow is GCQ

  4. Yesha Croe says

    And the military people here in kalayaan avenue, bgc is playing loud music at night and without a care with the surroundings. There are buildings and there are people who are sleeping at night out here, but they dont care they act like they are not military using loud speakers in the streets. And people call em disciplined? They should just become a DJ and not a military personnel

  5. Rinaldi Ravie says

    kailangan din nitong mga ito bulak sa ilong kaka english nag dudugo mga ilong… mag tagalog na lang kayo parang awa na ninyo…

  6. Martin Bunda says

    Galing mag english ni kuya

  7. Mystic Min says


  8. u3962521 says

    Prayer will not help slow down the infection rate. They need to test more. I hope Australia keeps all travel to and from Indonesia until they start mass testing

  9. u3962521 says

    So from 17th March to 19th April gone from 140 cases to 6200 today. And based on per million one of the lowest amounts of tests same level as Bangladesh.. Indonesia likely to have at least 50,000 infected based on very conservative forecasts and over 1 million infected on total lack of social distance and no measures in place

  10. rhobbie fernandez says

    I am impressed in the philippines Goverment 🙂 ❤

  11. Dellon Stefanus says

    Empty LA Theme Parks during lockdown https://youtu.be/xpzXRTo7xVc

  12. Crash Crash says

    Driving into Florida's I-95 coronavirus checkpoint Part 2

  13. jumalyn galviz says

    Wag ka na mag english kung nahihirapan kana

  14. Edison Tabuloc says

    Tanong lang mga sir/ma'm ok n po ba ipakita ung Company ID, Certificate from company at Quarantine Pass sa ga checkpoint?

  15. Toni I says

    I was there on this day, and flew out on 18;th of march with the last cebu pacific flight to dubai… I feel so lucky, but a part of me wish i would have stayed as in my homecountry Sweden there is 3000 cases now and no restrictions whatsoever 🙁

  16. Hatomi Love says

    3 feet layo sa isat isa …eh 6feet ang kaya ng virus lumipad ha hay

  17. Arjiii TV says

    Here on our province of Cagayan some towns already closed their borders establishments such as stores and pharmacy are only allowed to open at a certain day at a certain time everyone are strictly advice to wear face mask and to maintain social distancing only one family member is allowed to go out there are literally checkpoints on every barangays all this despite having only one case so far better to be cautious than regret it later

  18. Mike Themike says

    Bill Gates Virus!

  19. Belladonna Gammidge says

    I got a transfer of $13,000 from expeditetools,com. They are very helpful.

  20. Kent Edward says

    from 140 cases on March 14th to 500 cases on March 24th

  21. TheIxtlan says

    Corona virus in Manila people are scared and panicking.

  22. NEIL ASTIG says

    Is china taking advantage of the virus in Kalayaan group of Islands in West Philippine Sea?

  23. Alexa Dennise says

    Paano kasi tayo makaka move on kung lagi na tayong lumalabas sa ating maga bahay at ang mga pilipino ay matapang mawawala rin ang COVID 19 manatili po tayo sa bahay natin bangon tayong lahat at sa iba pang bansa we can do this if we help together to move on inCOVID 19

  24. Santee Sociego says

    eto pala yung pinagmamalaki ng China na Road and Belt Initiative nila sa buong mundo,pati pala India at US isinali nila..

  25. jianokun says

    Ang gwapo talaga ni Vivico😂

  26. Eyysi 13 says

    Ano kaya mangyayari sa pinas kung mga dilawan nakaupo?

  27. MATIAS ALPINO says

    Says only to march 12 to end of arpil 12 i hope the philippines will cleans again

  28. Franz Branntwein says

    Thank you China…….i Hope the World will remember the Next 50 Years

  29. Alien Péanetbuttré says

    For people who has breathing problem you can use nebulizer if you have. And drink your medicine i experience the same and it just dissapeared after 2 days

    I dont have ncov btw

  30. ayabby maru says

    disiplina lang sa sarili iwasan ang matao na lugar
    wear mask everyday at ugaliin maghugas ng kamay

  31. Alberto Husay says

    All people entering the country, Filipino or other nationality should undergo quarantine.

  32. Alberto Husay says

    This is nature's way of dealing with over population for the survival of the planet.

  33. Yggdrasil says

    Meanwhile in UK who has alot more deaths and confirmed cases, life continues to stay the same, only schools are closed and any large venues for people closed.

    Our government doesn't take things seriously compared to other countries.

  34. zee's channel vlog says


  35. Yeha Paradise says

    Siquijor mountain their has a wizard Remove the virus

  36. Emma Mesa says

    Ok ba daan from quezon city to paranaque
    Private car po

  37. KUBETAH Vlog says

    BEST SOCIAL DISTANCING Practice in Malaysia every FAST FOOD should FOLLOW –> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gKVTufO0kvE

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