Life in the Philippines pt 2 | Homes, Family & Work

Life in the Philippines pt 2 | Homes, Family & Work

In this 3rd Philippines video, I visit families, go on house tours, and discuss work. Thanks to Audible for sponsoring! Get your first audiobook and two Audible originals free when you try Audible for 30 days. Visit or text lifewhereimfrom to 500 500!

Previous videos about the Philippines:
What Commuting in Philippines’ Capital (Manila) is Like
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– Energy Expenses in the Philippines and
– Minimum Wage
– LMW – Legal Minimum Wage for Companies with Over 10 Employees
– Informal settlements
– Gated communities Canada
– Online Jobs and
– Salary Guide
– Philippines Poverty indicator
– Overseas Filipinos
– OFW Lane
– Stock estimate of Filipinos who have lived or worked abroad
– 2015 CFO Statistics on Philippine International Migration

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  • Previous videos about the Philippines:

    What Commuting in Philippines' Capital (Manila) is Like

    Life in the Philippines pt 1 | A Foreigner's Perspective

  • 10:22 that bathroom is nearly the size of my studio apartment here in makati 😅

  • I have been married to a Filipino for 7 years (together for 10). In my humble opinion the Philippines has a 'reverse pyramid' economic structure. The money inside the family flows up from the young to the old, not down from the old to the young (like in the west). It leads to massive poverty and over population.

  • Latundan is the small one and the longer banana is the lakatan

  • FAKE

  • Of all the houses, the one who lives in the simplest place is the one who speaks with a very good accent. Amazing


  • 1;57 bro i am rich as foxx , i still use the bucket xD that being asian not only pino

  • Nice video thank you

  • Can you share contact info for the couple who worked online and did web development, please?


  • I was stationed in the Phillipines back in 1970 near Subic Bay. I was only making the salary of an E-3/4 in the Navy, and we lived well. The Phillipines were the first real overseas country I lived in.

  • Manila is hell on earth!

  • "Helping the family", . . . .one of the reasons I opted out of finding a Filipina bride. I am all about family but my immediate family takes priority. Don't get me wrong, I help my parents with odd jobs, financial and tech issues but I would never loan or give money to family. Never ends well.

  • So I stumble upon your channel, I’m curious of where you are really from? Instead of blogging about other people where and how they leave their life’s you should blog about yourself instead. Why don’t you blog about where you leave and how you leave your life instead. This video is awkward, I feel like you are exposing this peoples privacy and judging the way they leave and they don’t even know it. Who do you think you are? Go back to wherever you are from and blog about you and the way you leave instead!!!!!

  • Thoroughly enjoyed this "Life in the Philippines" series. I was born here and lived here my whole life – but I've actually seen very little of the things you've shown in the video (like the wet market in Divisoria or those cemeteries where they have those 'apartment tombs'?).

    We do have much more upscale neighborhoods and residential gated areas – where there is probably no way they'd let you in and take videos unless you're a guest of the resident – but houses in these communities will cost at least 3 to 4 million USD.

    Granted, the areas you've shown in your videos probably cover how the general Pinoy lives.

  • I love the Philippines I live there There food is yummy ! ^~^ And There are nice people there but not all but I still love the Philippines

  • Work on the ship for $500 a month,they take advantage of them

  • I’m from Philippines 🇵🇭 and I’m working here in Hawaii USA. I miss 🇵🇭 .

  • 23:43 LEGIT!!!!

  • So if you marry one of the young ladies you marry whole family

  • We had lots of overseas workers on my ship
    We had few of the men on my ship in japan and lots of other guys on my ship did not like them because they were higher ups
    But I at first did not think I will get along but because of my ohio heritage I got along with them ok.this video open my eyes up more about how many of them overseas workers work abroad. Not many here in massillon ohio that I notice but most of them work in bigger cities. I also did not know about kinship like know now how each family member supports each other all way to cousins and aunts at some point in there lives

  • electricity in the philippines is so expensive because its a business of oligarch instead of owning by the government.

  • this would be enjoying if this guy woiuld SHUT UP!

  • I watch this video over and over because I lived the life of the people depicted in it.

    From living in a small apartment (along with 8 other people) where I used to do my own laundry by hand, to working in corporate (Makati), to taking the public transportation (too bad, the author did not show commuting DURING the rainy season 🙂 ). I even paid for my own younger sister's college education off of my own starting salary (P3300 per month in 1989!) at the Makati job (salary less rent, transportation/pamasahe, and my sister's tuition in the province).

    I was thinking, I was lucky, I had the P3300 per month job. It could be worse — I didn't have a job living in a house i never owned.

    I stayed at the P3300/month job for 2 years and decided to venture on my own, on borrowed money, for New York City. No relatives or friends to stay with– just the job agency's housing.

    Fast forward to 5 years: I got my US Green card, and paid my debt to my aunt. A couple more years later, I bought my own house.

    Nowadays, my sister still lives in the Philippines and, using her education, opened up several branches of TGP franchises in the Philippines + other businesses. I'm still here in California keeping my hard work ethic.

    My point: hard life makes you though.

  • There is no perfect country. All have downsides. But The Philippines has given me enough to live a more meaningful life.

  • Can you get a house mortgage in the philippines?

  • @17:48 the doggos going nutters lol

  • @2:40 some places in China and Japan are like that too. I want to have an open bathroom built in the USA 🙂 It would make cleaning easier lol

  • Normally middle class does have two kitchens.. one inside and one for outside

  • Lots of love to Philippines from India

  • That's quite inaccurate. Nurses in Manila make about $400 (starting wages) up to $1200 (with some seniority and career advancement)

  • Cool…But there's something off about going somewhere as a tourist and chanting Canada or Japan…lol that was the subtle "we're better than you" chant lol I noticed that whenever the interviewees tell you about something, you'll quickly compare it to what you're having in Japan and Canada. It's kinda condescending considering that both of these countries are developed, whereas the Philippines is a developing one.

  • earning 100t pesos per month still could not afford to live in a condo…

  • In my opinion for my own fellow Filipinos, The richer they get the higher their standards and attitude they become.

  • I wouldn't even call the second family "middle class". For filipino standard, they're basically living in a mansion! They're living the filipino dream, big and multiple houses with large land/lupa. Very blessed and privileged family indeed.

  • Thanks for this very truthful depiction of normal Filipino daily life. It's really honest yet informative too. And it has no insulting tones. Great job!😄

  • I want to move there when i get older should i

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