Take a fresh look at your lifestyle.

    Ito din channel nato ei ! Natatawa ei ! On point on point pa ! I feel so bad to pinoy….pinoy na nga iniinsulto pa mga kalahi

    Support pinoy…….


    Naano ako sa mga comment ! Pinoy talaga imbis na I support nalang yung satin…..sila pa natatawa ! Grabe talaga !!! Support nalang kasi !


    Hayaan nyo tayo din mangunguna ! ❤️Stay strong ph !

  4. Emmanuel B says

    I feel bad for laughing but it’s so cringey

  5. NoNameRider says

    dont forget that fashion brands in america is more less price than the philippines because here in the philippines government corrupt in tax thats why tax here in the philippines is so very high. example in america you can buy a bigbike worth 150k PHP but when you bring it in the philippines it will worth 800k HAHAHA

  6. Amanda Ocampo says

    This is so condescending 🙄

  7. Who Dat Boi? says

    Satin lang nasira ang pangalan ng hype beast PERIOD

  8. Rex Reviews Star Wars says

    They get some fake clothing from the thrift store and call it hype beast Eww 😬

  9. Nooby xd says

    It's not to flex the people need to respect the pilipinos for wearing fake if there not flexing don't call em out and there just want to do the trend lol

  10. Project Lund says

    Hype beast= Overpriced Fashion
    Hype beast ng pinas = Ukayukay Tig 10piso

  11. Kevin Ollet says

    Buti wlang bashers sa video na to sure ako madaming natamaan

  12. Hayden Delos Reyes says

    Tangina nyo hype ako pilipino ako baket


    Hahaha im worried that i will be classified as pinoy hypebeast😂😂😂 im wearing adidas and vans as they're one of my favourite brands.. but of course im wearing the real deal😊

  14. Jens de Fries says

    Nakakahiya tuloy pomorma mapagkakamaln kang hayopbeast😂🤦🏻‍♂️

  15. Widi Suarjaya says

    Gua nyasar kesini wkwk

  16. Kish Cabanes says

    Really doesnt matter what u wear what u believe. Basta masaya yin na yun. Kasi wala naman kwenta yung fashion kung di mo i. Sshare sa iba kung anu yung personality mo. Peace all ya nega

  17. iamheherson canapi says

    Bigboy cheng joined the group

  18. Randell Caringal says

    May culture din ung hypebeast tapos babasurahin lang nila by wearing fakes. Tsaka wala rin silang knowledge sa kung paano pumorma na parang mga hypebeast at paano magbehave na parang hypebeast. Pagtatawanan at lolokohin lang sila ng mga foreign na bansa pag nalaman nila na fake ang kanilang style tapos pangit ang behavior.

  19. Roel Marc Tabigne says

    lalo na yung mga fake clothing pieces hays nakoooo tas sila pa yung may ganang umapdown sayo 🤣 smh

  20. RAJ2005 says

    she described hypebeast as a website😂😂😂

  21. Manuel Judi says

    the big word that i'll going to say is SANAOL!?

  22. Alexander Gabriel Alqueza says

    3:36 hahahaha ha Yung naghubad

  23. Blue Tooth says

    Its jejemon not "pinoy hypebeast"

  24. Billy Bentham Dela Cruz Ii says

    Walang utak ng fakebeasts

  25. Td Guinto says

    3:35 di po fake mga gamit ni bigboy Cheng

  26. korugane ikki says


  27. CELESTIAL EJ says


  28. Gen Ius says

    Bakit daming dislikes? Daming natamaang pinoy hypebeasts?

  29. ekok da dekok says

    hypebeast kayo ng hypebeast..parang hindi kayo naging hypebeast ah…hypebeast is anyone who are "NAKIKIUSO SA USO"….pananalita, kilos, pagiisip at sa materyal….there u go…short and simple…

  30. S. N says

    Next video how to know if you are a sneakerhead!!!

  31. Takumi says

    some of us were not like that, we usually wear local streetwears.

  32. Voca Has Memes says

    And number 10 being broke buying fake shit and being called “fake beasts” instead of “hype beast”
    at least they can afford vans that are like 70$😂

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