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  1. 123JAPAN! says

    Do you think did I get filipino beauty💕?!!☺️Mana https://www.instagram.com/manahello/?hl=ja

  2. Kevin William Cruz says

    W😍wh😲w you so cute and pretty Ate Mana.💗

  3. Rhodante Panuelos says

    So cute Mana I.like your style,!

  4. Hajari Obien says

    Omg I just started watching this and I'm addict to her video now and she's like a Filipino now

  5. dante paule says

    You're looked so goergous white Pinay in the dress you tried in kamiseta store…. You should have bought that and wear it in your return flight to Tokyo…. ✌️✈️✈️✈️✌️🙌😎🇯🇵🇵🇭

  6. rbo mtb says

    mana hunto kawaii desu mahal kita 😘

  7. Thank you for coming with philippinese😊❤

  8. kiss anemi says

    Keep being kind to them and they'll also be kind to you…..

  9. Bigo Live Yortrebor says

    I wish my future gf is like you 😁😇❤️

  10. Dexdemy Ranjo says

    Why mana is don't ever try to go inside the church..or the ROMAN CATHOLIC CHURCH..it's a challenge for her…GO MANA PLSSS TRY IT.

  11. Angelo Timonera says

    Lovely vivacious Mana … love you!

  12. ETC says

    This girl are so sweet..She makes me smile😄

  13. Lawrence Michael says

    Mana, your smile can cure Covid. ^^

  14. Zed Cali says

    this is the only video i watch about girls clothes and fashion.

  15. Jenalyn Gumabay says

    Your so cute I can't stop laughing hahahahahahaha

  16. Richard Olol says

    It's already 4 a.m. here in the Philippines and I cannot stop watching your videos.. I really wanna have a friendly date with you Mana🥰 gonna tour you and treat you buy things and food for you.. I hope there's a way to contact you🥺

  17. Christine says

    Everything you tried so good on you Mana. You are so pretty 😍🥰

  18. Chief 007 says

    ~Desay Jigori~

  19. KINCH says

    mana, I think you'll look good with ponytail.

  20. Beeben Jo says

    Yung kahit anong isuot ni Mana, so kawaii. Yung ikaw na nasubukan na lahat ng nasa rack, so kawali. 😆

  21. Kristel Yabut says

    You really look good in colorful colors. Pastel colors.

  22. Aldz paul Lumantas says

    可愛い まなちゃん

  23. Leanne's Gachalife says

    Pennshop is nice

  24. Amor Banares says

    Hey ate Mana what is Watashi no deska

  25. Ranel Arrojado says

    Very happy Vlog 😊

    by the way what's the song title on 4:07 because when it play my heart skip a bit? 💕

  26. Christian Castañeda says

    Nice yellow dree for you ate mana

  27. Rysen Ragudos says


  28. Glam On says

    Mana why are you so interested about philippines? Are u half Filipino? Anyway you’re my stress reliever 😅 ganbatte!

  29. thanh tung cao says

    i love you mana ❤

  30. Shin Sa-Rang says

    04:55 I laughed when they realized there were Mana's classmates inside too searching for bikinis 😂 Also, when she said "Jollibee" out of nowhere (05:40) 😂😂😂 When you thought this vlog was all about fashion…

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