Jalen Green-Jordan Clarkson clash sets stage for Houston to honor Filipinos

Jalen Green-Jordan Clarkson clash sets stage for Houston to honor Filipinos

Filipino NBA fans are in for a treat when the NBA season starts, when the Houston Rockets host the Utah Jazz on October 28. This will mark the first time two players of Filipino descent face off, as Rockets rookie Jalen Green takes on Jazz sixth man Jordan Clarkson. In honor of this, the Rockets are giving a treat to fans looking to watch the game live.

October 28 has been announced by the Rockets to be a Filipino Heritage Night. Fans can avail a hat and a special post-game Q&A with Jalen Green. In addition to that, all fans in attendance will be given a special Jalen Green shirt.

The Rockets aren’t the first to host a Filipino Heritage Night in the NBA. The Brooklyn Nets did a similar event in January of 2020, in honor of the Filipino community in New York and New Jersey. The Golden State Warriors also have a similar version, albeit a bit grander and done every season instead of a one-off event. However, this iteration of Filipino Heritage Night is a bit more special.

This particular iteration celebrates the first time two players with Philippine roots play against each other. Green, the Rockets prized rookie, is born to a Filipina mother, and has played in the Philippines multiple times, albeit only in exhibition games. Jordan Clarkson also draws his Filipino roots from his mother. In addition to that, the Jazz guard has represented the Philippines in international play, suiting up for them during the 2018 Asian Games. Both players have expressed interest in repping the Philippines in FIBA-sanctioned events in the future.

Expect a large Filipino contingency to show up to Rockets home games in order to support Green. And when the Jazz come to town on the 28th, expect that number to double in size.

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