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  1. Angiela Leya Osias says

    I dont really like the other guys reaction he said halo halo is digusting maybe he just eating pasta with no sauce

  2. JM Gonzaga says

    Fuck that guy in a black shirt 🖕 don’t throw off the spoon like that, that’s disrespectful AF 🤦🏻

  3. Benny Worm says

    Apperently when your in a third world country black shirt man Hates you

  4. itsLynoZ says

    The black shirt freak needs a back hand slap

  5. Liam Gekzua says

    The black guy is suck..supot ang buto at itim ang itlog

  6. Nash Mariano says

    where is that guy wearing the black shirt!!! come and ill show you what u want

  7. Troy Manuel says

    as a filipino the kare kare has peanut pownder in it

  8. TrazxhyyxBoxxx says

    I love how they say the pancit because its like pan curse word

  9. Thea Beverly Omalay says

    I am proud Filipino citizens
    Thanks for trying our food

  10. M.J Does Gacha says

    I personally dislike lumpia

  11. drummachine5787 says

    “Let’s ask the country with the least appetizing food what they think about another country’s food”

  12. Mozart YT says

    As a indonesian i hate Ireland bad attitude and i feel bad for philippines

  13. Vanissa Enegrio says

    I like the guy wearing blue t-shirt ❤️ I love his reaction and his cute 😍. Is that ur gf beside u ? I wish she’s not 🙃.

  14. Mozart YT says

    Why theres no adobo. Adooooooobo is the best

  15. Mozart YT says

    Mga kano talaga maarte sa pagkain

  16. Mozart YT says

    Panshiet lol

  17. El Cid Dragneel says

    I really like the black shirt guy! In our country we express our love by saying PUTANGINA MO ❤️!. So putangina mo black shirt guy!!!

  18. Kdkhuck03 Timosa says

    The guy in the black shirt act like a 4 years old boy.
    Is all Irish like this guy? Wtf laki laki na masyadong maarte saksak ko sa mukha mo yang tinidor na yan eh

  19. Rayi Miguel Garcia says

    Okay I know that people don't really like it. But throwing the spoon is not nice.. That is very disrepectful. So please treat our food nice.

  20. Kapag taga Irish Ang nag lotu ay sigurado diyan masarap

  21. Siopao Master says

    Halo halo is a Good dessert which you mix before you eat LOL hahaha what they did was different

  22. Ali Ramos Tv says

    This is for the Guy wearing black.
    Putang ina mo panot
    Meaning: he is very handsome.

  23. J Lyrics says

    Pare-Pareho yang nakaka in an daming inarte🥴🙄

    Filipino can undestand

  24. Lil' bro says

    Ang ganda nang lumpia 🙂

  25. MsRachaelR says

    The creators of this channel should've done some research and explain to the taste testers what they're eating. I'm glad some like the food and didn't make mean comments. I understand that some dishes people may not like but at least be respectful. The Hiho kids channel has kids much younger than these people and are way more respectful of other countries and cuisines that they learn. The two in black tops were taking the piss out of Filipino cuisine. As a Filipino I was annoyed watching them. Pancit translates to noodles and the guy wants to mock Filipinos and call it 'Panshit' 😒😒😒

  26. Michael Savin says

    I ate lots of pancit

  27. Myra Armada says

    Can the guy just respect our culture I just want to punch him

  28. hit the quan says

    fuq you all

  29. Ashley Paredes says

    Black shirt guy is so picky i mean his like so maarte

  30. Mc slayers zx says

    The LAst thing jacksepticeye trys Filipino food

  31. Eman Caindec says

    That's not a kare kare looks like! It's supposed creamy, and light orange-brown color…

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