Take a fresh look at your lifestyle.
  1. Milà Mills says

    Funny,when me and my husband a new zealander pass by with a bunch of kids ,😃they called out to my husband,hello joe…they think he's american.

  2. Azz Lazz says

    They also don’t mind literally doing nothing from day to day as long as some poor sod is sending them money from overseas

  3. くたもらmisch kutamora says

    "Araw Ng mga patay" is like the movie " Coco" Disney… We pray for our dead love ones/ancestors in the hope that they will go to heaven with the help of prayers.

  4. くたもらmisch kutamora says

    Give some food even so little = is a sign of respect. My parents taught me that… Its a sign of respect. We call it "agda"

  5. aruydi says

    Salamat po, kuya Joe

  6. Marielle Grace_ Cacho says

    why dont you marry a filipina.

  7. Joy Zone says

    Hey Joe👀😆😆😆

  8. rebecca marcelino says

    Wow. I love you

  9. Queen Survivor Tv says

    So great video bro,, watching from Cebu godblesdd u 💜🇵🇭

  10. Jomari Roxas says

    Everything is True hahahah!!

  11. HT Easy & Simple says

    Hey joe

  12. flore cabarrubias says

    Yes it's true all you say

  13. yvi my says

    hey joe! 😀
    God BLESS to all 🙂 🙂 🙂

  14. iCeejay says

    Awww.Thanks im a filipino too

  15. voodoo doll says

    i am half Filipino and I want to learn more about them

  16. Waltz_in_ five_four says

    And why are you making us sound greedy

  17. Waltz_in_ five_four says

    Why are Americans doing this why not pure pinoy said doing this

  18. Waltz_in_ five_four says

    We don really get excited with Americans all the time because of well the Philippine American war

  19. Casi Revélar says

    often, Filipino calls Americans as Joe. I'm not really sure where it was really originated, but here's a thing… we Filipinos call ourselves as JUAN pronounced as WHO-ONE…

  20. Jhemmd17 Davis says

    God bless you! I remember those days when we gp to the cementerio (cemetery) and it's an all day affair…we bring candles, flowers, food and stuff to clean our relatives grave etc…I missed the Philippines so much…our custom and traditions…hoping to go on vacation in the near future.

  21. Jhemmd17 Davis says

    thank you so much for telling the world what we are about <3

  22. Potomacstud says

    Well I am taking this with a whole lot not a pinch of salt lol

  23. Cechelle says

    very very very very, very

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