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  1. henry JC says

    chase western medias out of your country…they are so fake.

  2. markeei tv says

    why of all you people interfering of other countrys problem..wen you have your own..

  3. Dijon Gerilla says

    I know my country and I know how many drug dealers/drug users, so don't pretend you care. UN you all Pinocchio telling lies to people.πŸ˜‘

  4. Best Nature TV says

    No news about yolanda funds.. when aquino adminstration corrupt the budget of yolanda funds… saf 44 πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  5. Bamey Ganado says


  6. OAKZALIB Talahadi says

    CBS AND reporter kylie take this..πŸ–•πŸ–•πŸ–•πŸ–•πŸ–•πŸ–•

  7. mokz traveler says


  8. The DukeTV says

    What? CBS FU!!!

  9. Jessie Dumanon says

    What big lies hit man is fake guy

  10. richard luzon says

    Hit man lies paid by enemies of the government

  11. Carlo Go says

    thats why americans is addict 🀣

  12. Peter Nilsen says

    Journalists are sometines just so stupid

  13. warriorwithin says

    I like Mexico style "ICE ICE BABY" hahahaha!

  14. Film Film says

    Trash president

  15. Riel Nathaniel Aquino says

    Wag nyo patayin adik SA ml

  16. Rodrigo Solo says

    Fake news

  17. Red X says

    The reporter is just plain rude at the end

  18. Myrna Belila says

    fake news..

  19. y Kevin says

    what a disrespectful lady wtf

  20. SONY LOPEZ says

    patayion lahat ng drug users at pushers potang ina

  21. mario tan says

    d nyo alam your stupid

  22. mario tan says

    mabuhay ang wlang illegal drug ang pilipinas. mamatay ang kumakalaban dito

  23. bhre majapahit dst says

    American fake information

  24. Ring of fire says

    Black propaganda of western media!!

  25. Dani Who says

    For those who needs a translation around 5:095:20, when the female journalist was asking about the list because she was told by the police earlier on that they will raid 20 houses but instead only showed her 4 houses raids from the list, the cop simply ordered the guy with the list β€œdon’t show it”. That’s what he said in Tagalog. This country is beyond civilized, and I don’t recognize it at all.

  26. Alonto Jr Sumagayan says

    Don't believe that F hitman. It's absurd..

  27. Bjoseph guns n roses says

    Go go go go duterte..

  28. Bren Chomsky says

    Kylie … 20 houses means you can decide to pass by or decide to enter to check. That's what it means.

  29. philip clemente says

    We i mean filipinos never interfere in your country with regard to solving problems about illegal drugs please dont show to the world that our president look bad.you donot know our culture. Millions of filipino voted duterte because they believe on him.

  30. lapu2x the great says

    Wow really the president paid that guy? Lol i bet your script and data came from a excel sheet of the opposition. Why did this not happen on previous presidents and on other countries? Yeah shocking how you twist your news.

  31. glenn galarosa says

    Lol allegations? .. hahaha. And they want proof? It's easy to hide evidence when your the one controlling it..

  32. Joshua Gerson Llenos says

    HAHAHAHAHA what a joke! they probably paid that actor about $50. such a cheap and fake news.

  33. marco polo says

    Lol i live in the Philippines and I don’t support the president but even i’m not stupid enough to believe this

  34. Bulls Eye says

    Fake news from fake people!

  35. 7 warlord says

    if this reporter tells true
    then why duterte have highest approval ratings
    something is missing here

  36. Anton Remaneb says

    That is a made up story,who vouch
    For the mask man,how do you know his legit ? Fake news / disinfo , under Aquino drug flourished and when Duterte tried to stop it,you guys cried human rights, rights to be high.

  37. mailer daemon says

    the Phili;ppine president talks like that because it is the language that majority of the Filipinos that live in the slums, criminals and violators understand. you don't know anything about the Philippines. Your resources are limited and these reporters will pay anybody just so they can broadcast something and get some reel time. hahahahah idiotic reporters working at CBS omg

  38. blackbear 60699 says

    Sir, di po 3 million , 10 million po ang adik sa bansa! Patayin.po lahat sir!

  39. Romel Hernando says

    CBS how much you have been paid?

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