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  1. REBS76 says

    These two should definitely do a duet

  2. Kathrine Damayo says

    Just new here!😊
    I really like how you react…😍😘

  3. Ken Janda says

    Filipinos don't need auto tune.

  4. Gerry Meneses says

    Wow ! You guys love Philippines.. Kudos to you!

  5. Flocerpida Resmundo says

    Im so proud of them

  6. Lemuel Frejoles says

    Helo…new fan

  7. Rosedhen Mejala says

    React STAY by cueshe in wish bus 107.5 thank

  8. allyson claire gongora says

    The guy doin the dishes is relatable af

  9. Ed Santos says

    I love to sing… but the songs don't like me.πŸ˜”πŸ˜”

  10. Princess Hania says

    Can someone tell me im the only one SHOCKED in the LAST PART?!?!

  11. Zun-Zun GACHA says

    I think it's normal for Filipinos to sing good BC the karaoke is first built by Filipinos and I thinks it depends on what there voice do

  12. Seth Fabico says

    there is something on the water that we drink πŸ˜‚

  13. PriShane Gio says

    God bless to the both of you πŸ™ and hope a lot of blessings come into the both of you❀️❀️


  14. Lito Andaya says

    So cute reaction jorge and jucy

  15. Asel Punzalan says

    who's on 08:11 ? he sounds like leroy sanchez.

  16. Ham Calicdan says

    Thanks for including my son's video. We never knew it went viral.. 10:05 appreciate it!

  17. Benlen Tiglao says

    Like your reaction…love it…

  18. arnold quinzon says

    Brono Mars , Enrique Iglesias , Nicole Sharsinger are all with Filipino blood…

  19. arnold quinzon says

    From the West End to Broadway to Disney to Las Vegas ..MISS Saigon , Les Mesirables , mulan alladin the list goes on and on ..filipino original voices and artist are used to gave life to an extra ordinary characters ….we conquer the world of music…

  20. noelle madarang says

    First Day of School
    Teacher: Pangalan? (Name?)
    Student: (Name) po.
    Teacher: Ano ang libangan mo? (what are your hobbies?)
    Student: Mahilig po akong kumanta (I like singing)
    Teacher: sample nga
    The entire class: sample. sample. sample. SaMpLe. SaMpLe. SaMpLe. SAMPLE SAMPLE SAMPLE

    this always happens

    am i rite

  21. ItsMe RannArren says

    Pag na control nung last girl kung pano yung whistle mukhang may papalit kay Mam Moriesette

  22. Steve Dulay III says

    Hello George & Lucy! Try to make reactions on REO BROTHERS. They are a group, actually they are brothers singing old songs like the Beatles, BeeGees, America and others. They already performed in the US, UK, and otherr Asian countries. Thanks guys, keep safe!

  23. Its Ronmarq says

    Do you know most Filipino like Harry styles,BTS,Rapper songs,imagine dragons,21 pilots,90’s songs and black pink


    3:53 September 8 2020 I'm the newest here hahahahaha

  25. El Angel9 says

    Me: trying to sing, with so much effort
    See the dark cloud that carry depression and reality that i cant see πŸ˜†.

  26. sallyrebb says

    Please hear our very own international singer a dianey princess Ms Lea Salonga..

  27. MLBL LAB says

    The baby sitter wtf hahaha she is good

  28. Sabrina Millare Channel says

    Hi! Thank you for including me on your video. Didn’t see this coming too! πŸ₯°I saw myself on your thumbnail so I’ve had watched you react. I was the girl on 11:43 ☺️ really appreciate this ❀️❀️❀️

  29. MakTzyy says

    11:05 This is the best!

  30. Golden Phoenix Studio says

    More powers and Godbless to the both of you πŸ’žI hope u will hear my song tooπŸ₯°

  31. music lover22 says

    Mallare baby girl is next morissette amon asia's phoenix,, sabrina mallare yt chanel,, i know him,, she's good singer ,, can you react her more song please,,

  32. Jackie Ayos says

    I love you both and I am subscribed to all your channels! Everytime I see both of you regardless of the topic I watch it πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  33. rebielyn ignacio says

    Hi can I react the mv of Darren Espanto and jayda Avanzado of their song Sana Tayo na

  34. Maricel Ybanez says

    I really loves this couple πŸ˜‡πŸ˜‡πŸ˜‡

  35. German Jr Esconde says

    I love you guys so much fun the way you appreciate every things that Filipino's did.

  36. domz dome says

    Singing and dancing are very common in the philippines that sometimes we don't consider it as a talent but a hobby.

  37. Elle Garcelis says

    Please React to Golden Canedo studio Recording "NGAYON" THANK YOU 😊

  38. Elle Garcelis says

    Please React to Golden Canedo studio Recording "NGAYON" THANK YOU 😊

  39. Emma Campos says

    Please react to REO BROTHERS….They are from the Philippines πŸ‡΅πŸ‡­….humble request from Florida,USA πŸ’•

  40. Esko Eskobar says

    Tangenang mga foreigner yan ginagamit lang mga pinoy para sa views..huyyy gumising kayo

  41. THE JOURNEY says

    Please react to the Kenny Rogers & michael Bolton of the Philippines. Performed by Philip Arabit..and if u want to listen the songs of Air supply please react to Bryan Magsayo

  42. Amerigo Amurao says

    Someday you'll be reacting to a deaf and mute Pilipino
    singing and belting high notes in a karaoke machine.
    tha's how most of us love to sing especially if there's a Birthday or wedding celebration. And would you believe that even ALL SOULS DAY or ALL SAINTS DAY commemorating our deceased loveones every November 1st of a year
    during 60's up to 90's Pilipinos brought their Karaoke machine into the cemetery just like going to a Picnic with a lot of food to eat for the whole family. At the start together they'll say a prayer for the departed Family member and after that they'll begin their
    traditonal celebration drinking wine and singing in karaoke and some singing with a guitar playing. And you'll finally noticed that the entire cemetery turn into a noisy musical singing contest. And that was put into a stop because of the Ordinance implemented by
    the local government of different cities and municipalities prohibiting
    the people going to the cemetery not to bring wines
    and Karaoke machine, guitars or any instruments that create loud sounds.
    And they should observe and maintain peace and sacredness in remembering
    Dead Family members and relatives .

  43. PobrengRider Ayem says

    So much love and respect for this channel…a god of beauty like fairies at their faces, lovely voices like a music…❀️❀️❀️

  44. froilan anthony says

    george and lucy can sing , balcony sessions cool

  45. Norman Malones says

    George: "they make it sound effortless"
    Guy singing: almost dying πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  46. Xadex Chua says

    I can sing to, but I never try it in the camera. It's look like I want to try it now.

  47. Jhuneway PorrasVlog says

    Hello kabayan pa subscribe naman ako! β™₯️

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