I just started noticing this everywhere.

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Finding Tom


  • I love it. Sold. I am here for it.

  • Im Filipino

  • 😘❤❤❤

  • Even older people calls kids kuya or ate (big brother or Big sis)

  • We always say " thank you "po" , you're welcome "po" a sign to respect to all and also for all not Filipino people.

  • Thank you for reacting Sir

  • in the philippines you can call your big brothers kuya and and you big sisters ate

  • I apreciate this so much it helps me understand my Girlfriend I will cherish Her all the more

  • It's called respect in filipino

  • wow! i really like this filipino treats you're been sharing. i love it.

  • Thank you for your kind words

  • “Po” is a way to talk to someone with respect. I think “usted” use in Spanish is almost the same

  • That's called pag-mano that's pilipinos greetings and respect for elders and they don't just respected elders they respect youngers too

  • "Family oriented" is the word. Filipino kids can stay and live with their parents (for free) no matter how old they are. A lot of times even when they got married and have kids, and guess what–they get free baby sitting too. This is anywhere in the world they live in! Sometimes the role gets reversed where their parents live with their kids. Like any other cultures though, some adapts to the foreign place where they live and forgot who they really are.

  • Cap

  • Actually po and opo is not Mr nor Mrs it is a word we use to answer someone younger nor older one in a very respectful way… Like if some one asked you. you
    should answer "yes po" or opo" instead of just answering "YES"

  • You cannot find any country using "PO" for respect to everybody. ONLY IN THE PHILIPPINES! ALSO "MAM", "SIR" TO ALL FOREIGNERS!

  • How to escape elders go to a computer shop go play a game online then swear alot

    Nakick ako dati dahil may mga bata

  • The bad traits of Filipino is “ Gossiping “ they may forgive BUT will never forget what you did, Apology is never accepted.

  • wow. thank you for making all those videos about filipino's.
    we love it!


  • Pinoy power

  • We care deeply that most Europeans sometimes raised their eye brows and would say "you don't need to do that" but they really have no idea or inderstand that whether we are pressured or not caring to people is a natural thing for us ….though you would hear some stories of abuse, violence and indifference yet generally we are so caring and welcoming….

  • Mr and Mrs = Ginoo and Ginang.
    Miss = Binibini
    Po = respectful word. You can add to every sentence you make
    Opo= respectful answer to elder saying Yes

  • Ate is mostly means sister and kuya is brother because i am one of philippine

  • Im a filipino

  • Bless means honor your elder

  • When I was an elementary student, I used to visit any teachers classrooms in school just to do 'Mano po'. Somehow I feel proud, I don't even know the teacher. I usually choose the older ones just because I thought they look kind and deserve to be respected so I do 'Mano po'. My logic when I was kid is really fuuny.

  • Arabs also have the hand gesture in 0:50
    But They kiss it once then they place it on forehead. Its to show respect to your parents or grandparents.

  • Thats true what ever you see is natural in the philippine,the respect for older woman and man is value and this our culturein the philippines and simple living even little'thing you eat three times a day and you live with brother and sister is enough. A simple living,a contenment in life is wonderful attitude of all filipino.

  • Filipinos when they were younger,there parents teaches us some manners like po and opo and"Pagmamano sa
    nakakatanda"All of us filipinos are respecfull

  • We respect elders seriously because we can't shout, be mad etc. On elders, if you did, you'll saw a flying slipper coming on you

  • Dude filipino

  • Thank you for acknowlding this pinoy trait.yes this true.
    But correction please. 😊 true "po" is a respect word gesture placed at the end of a sentence like saying "yes please" = "o po" . "Po" can be addressed to anybody not just mr and mrs. Hihi.

  • Thank you so much for showing this tradition. I cannot understand why 147 people dislike this vlog. Common, who are these people?

  • im a filifino i know english

  • I tell some story of love about “Mano Po” When I take my “lola” (grandmother) hand, its smells coconut, because she cook “bibingka or other Filipino snacks, made for family!! and my “Nanay”(mother) she smells onion then the dinner is vegetables..garlic when the food is meat..and smells fish..its not about hygiene but its a smell of love for their family love-one..they both make sure there is food on time!!always asking you, kumain ka na ba? (did you eat). i miss them both😍

  • Thanks for loving Filipino s

  • Mano po or bles in bisaya is also known for asking the blessing of elders



  • And now because of ML game kids learn bad words..

  • Po and opo is similar to how Usted is used in Spanish. Since Spain has colonized us for centuries, most of their customs are deeply embedded to us.

  • I will never forget the reason why I'm here

  • The Philippines is a wonderful country. Thank you I thought they did and all of Asia. What a beautiful culture.

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