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Finding Tom
Author: Finding Tom

  1. tigsik says

    They dont have senior lines in america? Wow.

  2. Banana- Chan says

    Roses are red
    I'm a filipino too
    Nobody cares if you're proud being a filipino
    So just stop, it's toxic and cringy.

  3. Jm's babygirl says

    I really appreciate this love u✌🇵🇭

  4. Chariel Perez says

    We take care of our parents because they take care of us

  5. Potatoes Potato says

    It's an Asian thing. How you address someone depending on the Level of seniority like age also exist in China, South Korea, etc

  6. Bella Faith says


  7. mampinayomarilyn says

    Love it tom!!!
    watching frm Dubai

  8. Patty's World Today! says

    Thanks for respecting the Filipino hehe.💕

  9. ICHANG says

    soooo touching! i'm a filipina and thanks for recognizing these for us!! ❤️ mabuhay po kayo! 😍

  10. k Celes says

    Thank you for showing how respectful Filipinos are.

  11. Jennifer Dolom says

    Thank you very much for having put it so well, how we Filipinos respect and love our elderly, moreso our love for family Thank you and God bless. you.

  12. Gabrielle Trinidad says

    This made me a bit teary as a Filipino who doesn't think much about these kind of things…

  13. MahaLKong Pilipinas says

    you can check my videos to know more about philippines

  14. Jean-Pierre De Vent says

    We plunge into a search for career, fame and fortune and only when we or somebody in the family gets very sick we remember again what really matters. They are so right: the family is the only thing. They have a kind of unexpected wisdom inside them, like remnants of a high culture existing long before westerners came. It's so easy to think that before the Spanish they were isolated, barbaric tribal hunter gatherers but how then did they pick up their advanced philosophy???

  15. Elizabeth Gapasin, Rea says

    Oh nu I missed my homeland feels like I wanna go home..,
    Watching ur vlog here in Kuwait💕🌵🐪

  16. Kim Beltran_fan says

    Hey.. I'm a Filipino… And I'm proud that you made this video,and I'm glad to you respect Filipino even if you're a foreigner 😊😊😊.. P. S… New fan

  17. ProudOphirian#24 LEN says

    Wherever you will do the Mano po! Always remove your head cap that one is also the sign of Respect too.👍

  18. Neal Alfie Lasta says

    Po doesn't mean anything. it's just respect "wordified"

  19. Cutelove 2012 ;3 says

    Yeah there is a lot,and there is also tita and tito

  20. Paul Orquiza says

    We really respect our parents, our senior citizen, and do you know that in everything they purchase the establishments have special discounts for what they bought, in my city senior citizens, enjoy lots of privilage, watching movie is free, special gifts on their birthday, cash incentives if you reach an aged milestone say 70-100 yrs old, where in the world you find that its nice to retire in the Philippines well if your a filipino citizen.

  21. Gabbbriel Gallego says

    like thailand also we respect our elder also here in southeast asia we are brothers

  22. Gacha Denii :3 says

    Even tho im a Filipino i wont ask for likes. Cuzz dats pretty much half of the comments. 👍🖤

  23. Eduardo Pandeagua says

    Tom I’m into watching YouTube for quite a while, but why is that it’s only now I discover your utube. Watching your YouTube makes mo more prouder as a filipino

  24. k_r _c_d says

    I'm Filipino thank you at the end

  25. Wenefredo Frak says

    It's a culture bro

  26. Alan Repolledo says

    Salamat po kuya sa pag send po nito po

  27. It'sMe HentaiGodV says

    When doing "Mano po", its necessary to take off the hat and then put the hand of the elder person on your forehead.

  28. Aniceto Rivera says

    We belong to the malayrace which we inherited the respect mano po etc…

  29. I am Not a Conspiracy Nut says

    Not just Burger King, but most all restaurants, and grocery stores have a special line just for seniors.
    I have been in the Philippines for over 10 years and to this day I have yet to see a child yell at their parents or grandparents.
    And even after all these years I’ve been here, I still don’t know how they do it. It just works.

  30. Michael Suarez says

    Po is equivalent to san or sama in japanese.

  31. Gladys Oshii says

    "po" – is added at the end/ middle of a phrase or sentence to denote a respectful/polite response.
    "opo" – is the polite version of "oo", which means "yes".

    Thanks for sharing culture! ❤️

  32. Danica Cher Campo says

    If Your a filipino Like This Not The Like Button At The Top

    This Button Here Below My Comments

  33. Maria Lourdes Ciscar says

    It is really overwhelming that my nephew if 35 years old blessed ir made the mano po sign of respect to me where all other different nationalities are watching us in a foreign land.

  34. renejesus valiente says

    Very well said




    Taking the hand of an elder person
    to the forehead is a sign of greeting and respect , kisses on the forehead is another version of
    hello and respect as well as kisses
    On the cheeks . Adressing an elder
    person or answering them wirh HO – OHO and PO – OPO is again a sign of respect . ALL OF US HAS
    CHILD ….

  37. last mint says

    All ur vid make me, my family and filipinos cry

  38. warrior2004hehe says

    This is common practice in the Philippines and we would not realize how good it is until we are being compared to other culture.
    As example, I will really keep my parents to live with me as long as I can, but there are isolated people and siblings who disown their parents

  39. Lhen Dicen says

    to add up to that whenever we talk to strangers older than us, we call them "nay" (mother), "tay" (father), "lolo" (grandfather), "lola" (grandfather), etc. and older people will call you "anak"

  40. PowderSnom says

    Wait, I thought senior citizen lanes are normal everywhere in the world, especially for business establishments like malls and fast food restaurants (ತ_ತ)

  41. Bear_Cute says

    Maraming salamat sa pagmamahal sa pilipinas

  42. Jonald Monton says

    That's true…

  43. Chalmers Blatch says

    Yes agree fully. Glad you enjoy the culture. I had a hard time as a senior walking in front of someone who had waited a long time but they didn't mind me going ahead

  44. Googler Googlerer says

    Babalu: Po? Opo, i-tunga po. Opo, Opo, wag po! wag po!

    Babalu: Wrong number.

  45. Musings of a Marine says

    Mano Po is a regional thing in the Philippines. No one in Iloilo does it.

  46. Millicenth Vinarao says

    Hi iam from philipines kamusta

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