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  1. Jasamfan says

    First time seeing this! Wow so lovely to see such wonderful people! All the best to you guys! My favorite Making it Juicy vlogs❣️❣️❣️ @makingithappenvlog @thejuicyvlog

  2. Marcuz Gaming says

    Just looking back, haha, and by the way, do you think your neighbours was angry about that Driller when your making your coffee or anything😅😅

  3. C Salazar says

    big thumbs up on that drill powered coffee grinder 👍

  4. Arthur S. Remigio says

    I love you guys. I never hear you say negative things about your experience in the Philippines.

  5. hakdog hakdog says

    We love you two some couples love you all, ucy, george, nellie and mike… God always on your side bec you all have real kindness and good person..

  6. Rogelio Canlas Jr says

    Hello I want reaction to the Manila hotel there are many delicious bread I there and you saw the room of general McArthur in word war 2

  7. marichu nacor says

    Maybe tried cooking, you seem a good cook.

  8. crystal clear ComCom says

    Mike and george are dashingly handsome. Lucy and nelly are so beautiful. I really like these vloggers of how they represent the philippines culture, beaches, foods, mountains.

  9. Jessica Sutton says


    to discover and remove with all dispatch and secrecy to the charnel wagons in

  10. aisa Malacapay says

    Wow .I love you guys also juicy vlogs

  11. Eddie Velasco says

    Love it when u guys do a collab

  12. Founder MomZein says

    Hello watching you here from Lebanon # Phil Leb Moms Vlog

  13. Malou Sumo says

    We love you all .. Appreciate you love our country so much .. Continue the good work you do to show to the world what this part of the world can truly offer … Thank you so so much Mike and Nely and George and Lucy.

  14. Jenevie Batulan says

    Wow very nice videos I hope you're inviting me too in my channel👍👍👍🙏🙏🙏

  15. Maui M. says

    Please make a cooking show…make brotchën..

  16. cheryl checa says

    im so proud of you guys💞💝💕💘

  17. cheryl checa says

    mike really loves coffee😂😂😂

  18. nestor tesoro says

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=faUmtm9Sq6c <<– your interview guys! (",)

  19. Kyle Relleve says

    You're amazing guys ! Thank you for introducing my country to the whole world . God bless you always guys ! From Kyle Relleve in California .

  20. Mystic Rose says

    We miss you both!!! We miss making it juicy vlog. With regards to sourdough make it rise more so it will create more air and bubbles.

  21. Hale-Bopp 1997 says

    so much more excitement and fun when the 4 of you meet and vlogging together🥰 #MakingItJuicyontheRoad

  22. jude olbes says

    congratulations guys…..

  23. kokak kokak says

    i watched this because of the thumbnail. i thought that’s cris brown lol

  24. Teo Reyes says

    NEWBIE here and I have been watching for hours and i have early meet bukas.which reminds me I need to bake bread too, coffee addict too

  25. Jansen Almonidovar says

    Mike how about FOOD FUSION???

  26. Fenrir π says

    Wow I just watched it today 👍

  27. Night Sky says

    I love that there was a prayer first. Everything is for God’s glory 😊🙏🏼

  28. Nickedknacks says

    I can't find the interview HELP!

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