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  1. Luigi Rumaguera says

    You missed the Camiguin Island the Island Born of Fire. Also the Siargao

  2. Mai Lin says

    not all places in mindanao is unsafe .. I'm frm mindanao and its unfair for you to generally declare it unsafe..

  3. jho chard says

    Bisita din po kayo ditohttps://youtu.be/_Q2ZxLTlQ_w

  4. Dhen Explorer says

    Mindanao has a lot beautiful places to offer Mountains Falls and Beaches.

  5. David JASON says

    I should be this year december 😁
    U was saying a dont need a visa, and what's the maximum duration you can stay in the Philippines?


    Nice Video!

    please check out my travel video in philippines! Thanks



  7. Kristina James says

    Hi there! I'm starting a Travel Blog on the Philippines (and my other travels)…
    Does anyone have any advice how to successfully start and monetize a travel blog?
    This is amazing, Lost LeBlanc has over 1 mil views on this vlog!! I wonder how I could ever get anywhere near that level of views on my blog?
    Thanks! 🙂

  8. V Cat says

    You should try these places too:

    1. Siargao, Northern Part of Mindanao. (Safe Side of Mindanao, Siargao of Surigao)
    2. Camiguin Island, few hours away from Cagayan de Oro, still part of Mindanao.
    3. Guimaras, Ilo-ilo and Bacolod.
    4. Boracay (for beach front party)

  9. Holly Hughes says

    You are the Best travel channel with your plethera of Information! Thank You

  10. calamansi jean.michel says

    Philippines are nice but politicians stupid they trap me like a mouse in cebu no right to go out because too old during two months I will never come back

  11. Second Email says

    "Kanye West own an island in there."

    Me a Filipino: Nope, not possible. A foreigner cannot own a piece of land in the Philippines.

  12. jayram dahal says

    cool video..watching from Nepal

  13. Hannah O'Connor says

    Love ur vids btw

  14. Hannah O'Connor says

    What did u film with? And for scuba diving did you already need your scuba diving qualification?

  15. Da_ziah TV says

    Baguio City Tourist Spots Aerial View (Drone). Come Visit our Place.


    What a good country, we hope It'll be our by next year♡
    Live from China <3

  17. connectify k says

    One of the best places to visit.

  18. Michelle Magbanua says

    We've been to PALAWAN.
    Such a beautiful island!
    You can check it out on my channel.
    Thank you.

  19. Matthew Rapa says

    How long did you spend total on each island and what month did you go please ?

  20. RIZALDYlightful Lessons says

    Beautiful places of our country. Thanks for this video

  21. AJ3 Vlogs says

    we went to the Philippines not long ago and it was our first time travelling as a family. my parents used to live there and they showed us around. we love the country! filipinos greets you with a smile all the time. we started our travel vlog channel and we hope we can go back and do some more! we wanna try new things and try foods we have not tried before

  22. Anoa Chan says

    I have family there. And I visit ever 2 or so years. It's truly a beautiful and breathtaking place. Where I live now many dont even leave the town they were born in and it's really sad that they dont get to experience this kinda kinda beauty. I loved watching this. Maybe you should take a trip to malapascua. I often go there to visit family and they have many spring or summer festivals!

  23. Multi Divine says

    Philippines is very nice place we had a lot of tourist spot to visit. Beaches and some areas in cebu, palawan, boracay, zambales, etc.

  24. Michael Byrnes says

    Laura is hot

  25. chowfan 2016 says

    Ine of the best vlogger ever. I started watching vlogs because of you and your ex gf.

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