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  1. Jason Ragudo says

    Missing this kind of travel vlogs from Wil. Sad coz it is pandemya.

  2. Lil & Jaz says

    We love watching you! Always interesting to watch 😆 we also have travel vlog here in canada

  3. Pinay Dutch Wanderer says


  4. Akeelah Urbano says

    the filipino kids that you saw are my friends!

  5. Aragorn TV says

    haha natuwa ako sa tsongo gusto alamin ang camera

  6. Jm JM says

    bat dimo kasama si alodia

  7. Jm JM says


  8. The Vloggzz says

    nice brother

  9. France Travelier Minyang says

    hi i just started my YT Channel Traveling here in France
    pls SUBCRIBE just comment how to improve my video and im new to this thank you

  10. jean hitalia says

    I'm proudly living in baler

  11. kiko d'Mechanic says


  12. Shawn Tube says

    standing up in the roof of the moving car is scary dude

  13. Shawn Tube says

    Watching heree in 2020

  14. Boycy Serrano says

    Wil, Ilocos Norte na ulit bro. Halika na! 🤙

  15. World Nature Video says

    Wonderful vlogger. Nice scene and wonderful place. Great job.

  16. Laurence Vidallo says

    Hope u guys support me poo

  17. Laurence Vidallo says

    U wanna be like you! Haha

  18. Denise Resueño says

    BALIIIIIK KA ULIT NG BALERRRRRER KUYA WIILLLLL 🥰 Marami pang ibang places to visiiiit and I’ll recommend you the best tourguide in town 🥰🥰🥰

  19. Alyssa Santillana says

    Hi guys pasubscribe to my channel and follow me on my social media 🔛 Alyssa santillana 💖

  20. Ireneo Jr. BASTATAS says

    good day Wil Dasovich by the way i'm a fun of yours and you can call me bong. i'm currently doing my research about travel vlogs and i just want to ask you a question.
    as a travel vlogger, what is your purpose in doing travel vlogs?

  21. Lineth Baile says

    Omg si Tsonggo 😍💖

  22. Grasya Gandara says

    Wow such a wonderful and nice video… Naka2amaze tlgang panoorin ang vlog na to.. kitang Kita tlgah ung mga amazing wonders places ng Pilipinas.. 😍💕💞💓

  23. Jhun Macaroncio says

    wow! ang galing! sana OIL.. hehe.. BTW as a beginner we are also starting to VLog our Travel around the Philippines, hope you can visit to my channel too and SUBSCRIBE to us… more entertaining and FUN.. more powers to you WiL!

  24. magic box says

    I really appreciate travel vlogs more than nonsense comedy vlogs.

  25. Aibee Sotto says

    Wow!! Baler💕
    Kung di pa kayo nakapunta ng Sports Complex ng Puerto Princesa City, Palawan visit nyo na channel ko at sabay sabay nating libutin ang magandang Sports Complex ng Puerto Princesa. Subscribe nyo na rin ako para makasama ko kayo sa paglilibot sa Puerto Princesa City, Palawan 5300 at sabay sabay din tayong gaganda. Love y'all!!💕

  26. Vien Ev says

    Thets why you should buy ::"":::"""":""

    I dont feel so good

  27. Rufino Balmedina says

    wow nice.
    you're very good speaking Filipino Language.
    kamusta sir?
    by the way Im a new Adventure Vlogger from Philppines but now im here in Jeddah.
    im starting to make adventure here in Saudi Arabi.

    please I need your support my Channel Guys.



  28. VirglGfx says

    wow..ayus parekoy!

  29. Goddy Carino says

    Baler is Next to Haler!

  30. Michael Ordoñez says

    Takot ung sangol hahahaha

  31. Faith Mea Joy Angara Novicio says

    Welcome to my home town Wil😍
    even if i don't know, how long this video was posted😊
    👍👍👍👍 para sayo😍

  32. ronalyntorresph says

    missed this

  33. Caren Calbonera says

    my vlog din po ako sa Baler hehe

  34. Js Baer says

    Lapit sa amin yan wil

  35. Reanne V says

    I hope someday … maka travel din ako and try something new😊

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