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  1. Jessa Camua says

    Ganda ng background music. Paru-parung bukid

  2. simplestartmom Rilveria says

    Why the know early?

  3. John Hordista says

    That's not 1 pound of chicken… that is more than 1 pound.

  4. Nestor Dimailig says


  5. ChavoMysterio says

    Can banana ketchup be used in the recipe?

  6. Pinay-American life says

    It is jan. 2021 and i'm.here checking out this recipe..thanks for sharing.

  7. Magilas TV says

    Nice ingredients

  8. 992 TURBO S says

    Although you show the ingredients BUT BUT BUT BUT
    WITHOUT QTY’s is just a guessing game and USELESS

  9. kwilly says

    thank you so much for this recipe🙏 it is easy quick & simple my 3 favourite words and you nailed each one of them with the flavours of this dish love love Philippines to the UK ✌🙏💞

  10. Marco Regalado says

    Your English is awesome, 1200 people gave you a thumbs down

  11. Janeth Farnendo says

    Love your recipe, right now on the way to cook po! Thanks for sharing.. Stay safe.. God bless u & whole family..

  12. Florentino Mercado says

    Watching here in lebanon

  13. joean galido says

    Should be need to fried properly before u put ingredients

  14. Meatako Vlog says


  15. Shawn Plus One says

    I have had the beef Afritada and it was delicious now I need to try chicken.😋
    I love your channel.

  16. Martin Arrieta says

    Thanks for your time

  17. Lara TheViva says

    Ano po kaibahan ng chicken afritada at chicken calderita?

  18. Saiyeedah Vlogs says

    Ang sarap lodi makatry nga nkakatakam thanks for sharing this keep safe

  19. Saiyeedah Vlogs says

    Ang sarap lodi makatry nga nkakatakam thanks for sharing this keep safe

  20. Saiyeedah Vlogs says

    Ang sarap lodi makatry nga nkakatakam thanks for sharing this keep safe

  21. Hello po. Pahug nmn po ng channel . Bago plng po ako na my channel. Cooking channel din po. Chinese – filipino food po. salamat po

  22. arlyn in CALi says

    Thank you for this recipe really. god bless you chef and thank you

  23. gina mix vlog says

    Thanks for sharing this receipe

  24. Kristine Contreras says

    Thanks I just made it . Sarap . Just didn’t add chili coz my kids won’t eat it

  25. Hanna Norcio says


  26. Rosalie Ces Austria says

    👍👍👍🤩 yummy

  27. Roy Manalo says

    You forgot salt or soysauce

  28. Asian food PINOY says


  29. Viola says

    Wow!! Sarap ,chicken Apritada !! Thank you for the recipes! I cook this week 👍

  30. Lutong Bahay By Marie Santos says

    Yummy thanks for sharing.

  31. JbVieW Finder says

    ayus ung background…
    salamat sa tip sa pag luto 😊

  32. lee tan says

    GUYS try nyo po panoorin🌹

  33. The Randomizer says

    yea i remember that to have that kinda oily feel to it, but i feel like it kinda split if you know what i mean? a friend of mine could also cook this without the sauce splitting like that.

  34. OFW Lutong Pinoy in Canada says

    Great chef…love it…thanks for sharing your recipe..

  35. Margaret Vlog says

    Parang maraq dito sa bansang arabo ang pinagkaiba lng dito ang daming spices na nilalagay..cguro nsa 5 jan satin asin pepper lng dito dami..gusto ko magluto neto pag uwi..😍😍

  36. Young says


  37. Maricel Gianan says

    Thank you watch my blog for cactus and succulent https://youtu.be/QeYdLU4wnCs

  38. Alita Timboligue says

    thank you for sharing your special recipe chef

  39. Shy bc TV says

    Sarap nmn thank you for sharing po alam kona lulutuin ko ngaun

  40. Zel Acosta says

    Anong knor cube po amg nilagay nyo

  41. Kei Kit says

    Ang sarap!

  42. OFW Lutong Pinoy in Canada says

    Nice sir, more power

  43. Wang Chengxuan says

    crushed chili*

  44. Jen W says

    Ang gnda nman Ng music background nyo po, Lalo tuloy ako na engganyo manood😍😍😍. Thanks po, Godbless!

  45. Victor Lorenzo says

    Wow ang dali lang pala lutuin ang afritada. At madaling mabili mga ingredients. Napansin ko po walang balat yung laman ng manok. Looks healthy to me.

  46. joy janaine de guzman says

    Thanks Sir! I am watching right now. I already have ingredients here.😊 God bless

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