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How Pinoy Fashion Has Evolved In The Last 100 Years


  1. YakieZu says


  2. kawaii hana says

    Ung camisa de Chino Ng 1880s style BAKITganyang Ang cut?, ang ginawa nio contemporary style at puede ba hnd Lang un fashion statement for men during those days.

  3. X says

    The first few parts were accurate. I think in the 70's they wear huge clothes lol

  4. John Lester Felisilda says

    This gives me cringe

  5. Gate M.C says

    90's uso ang maluluwag na t shirts, manggas umaabot ng siko at saka mukha siyang 2000's na pormahan .

  6. Jay Kei Emcee says


  7. Ian Mhie says

    ang b0b0

  8. Nietabs says

    Very inaccuarate. Do a proper research and Use your brain right!

  9. jolly baylon says

    FHM ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿคฃ๐Ÿคฃ

  10. Shekinah Cioco says

    Lets admit. Every country has experienced that hip style somwhere in their history๐Ÿ˜‚

  11. Stephen Coquilla says

    shit video

  12. Gregorio del Pilar III says

    you have little filipino in your american video

  13. Juhani Soininen says

    Where are the flip flops, basketball jerseys and black hair with dyed at the top?

  14. EXO-L forever says

    Prang hndi nman ahhh

  15. Makii Lifestyle says

    Hype beast

  16. Diba dapAt barong instead of a suit

  17. Sofia The Cat says

    The first one, I just shouted โ€œANDRES BONIFACIO!โ€

  18. syvhne says

    Layogenic c kuya geapo sa malayo sa malapit waley

  19. kristopher Hizo says

    Inaccurate! Stupid! There was no hair change! This is a mockery on philippine fashion!

  20. leni de castro says

    ano ba yan ang pangit ng model parang baboy. antaba

  21. Zirjaye Santos says

    What abotu considering his hairstyles? Tss Waste of effort

  22. Bench Allen B. Frugalidad says

    1920 the best

  23. Haha Hehe says

    bobo tangina mo

  24. cris leopando says

    disappointed really sucks !!!!

  25. cris leopando says

    tang inamo abnormal hindi ganyan ang fashion ng 50 to80s pakyu

  26. vince cruise says

    they better get a model who can rock the outfits.

  27. Tupac Shakur says

    i think sa bandang 1990/2000 uso yng mga panghiphop

  28. Tupac Shakur says

    yung 1950's asiong salonga ahahaha

  29. Jens Kildrone Tampus Augusto says

    Dissappointed here. Very inaccurate.

  30. Jens Kildrone Tampus Augusto says

    Dissappointed here. Very inaccurate.

  31. Peter Nwachukwu says

    Inaccurate. What's up with the skinny jeans? I dont remember my father ever wearing one in the 1980's lol. And Raybans Shades? FUCK IM OUT.

  32. jpad319 says

    While I appreciate the effort here, a little bit more research and basic math would've made this C-grade video to at least an A-grader.

  33. Ron Cruz says

    Really? FHM, really? Whoever made this should go back to elementary and start learning how to do a proper research. Whoever approved this video to be uploaded should be fired!

  34. gunnerbunny says

    what made the 70s was the bell bottom above all

  35. THWB says

    very inaccurate. You should do your research.

  36. Frae Valdehuesa says

    You should do your Math, FHM! It says last 100 years? BUT WHY DID YOU START FROM 1880s? And I don't see the accuracy of some eras.

  37. ronald pnbs says

    1920s inaccurate

  38. WhyAlwaysMe says

    there would be more likes if this was a handsome model. pathetic people. it showed what it needed do i don't know why you dislike it.

  39. msphilippina11 says

    kinda stupid

  40. Aaron Von Beronilla says

    Crappy video.

  41. crownjumper says

    shitty video

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