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  1. Irlanda Eclar says

    kayo.talaga ang nakatadhana sa isat isa

  2. Dolor Alfaro says

    My 2 cousins married Indians also they are nice…

  3. Marj Gretha says

    ang cute ni tanya 🥰

  4. Elisa Suansing says

    Wow, you have a beautiful family ! I’m really surprised to learn you’re from Camiguin Island as I am too. Currently living in Florida USA..

  5. Margarita Lima says

    Amazing love. Kilig ako

  6. UNNIE MYE says


  7. joanee bartlett says

    the kids tshirts has camiguin print on it!!! are you somehow from northern mindanao??? im from CDO but currently base here in NZ love your weeeee family cheers!!! xoxoxo

  8. your so sweet and look so kind…I now love watching your videos..done subscribed..

  9. Maricel Valdenebro says

    Parang kami ng bf ko sis kaht LDR lang one day away kami then okay ulit it's difficult to having bf indian soon will meet each other…

  10. walang kwentang bloger says

    cute ng dimple ni mam..

  11. benna Salem says

    Woow verry nice..hi i.m from philippine

  12. Kathleen Bernadette Umali says

    Hello po Ate. I have sent an email to you. Sana po mabasa nyo. ☺️

  13. Sailor Moon says

    Hello sis Yung nag kasal ba kau sa temple any ano po Yung hinanap na documents sa imuha daghang salamat ❤️

  14. R.D.C. Dumo says

    its really true ma'am, relationship with indian people is too difficult to reach till marriage bcos of there culture or religion ☺️

  15. Sahil Choudhary says

    Hi sir… can we talk on WhatsApp…???

  16. ako si carla says

    Hahaha ewan ko ..bakit, kilig na kilig ako habang nag kkwento ka sis. hahah

  17. Rocky Andres says

    My wife follow all ur vlog.. here in Philippines.

  18. rama chandra says

    Wow Telugu family

  19. Sam Sam says

    Good luck and happy family.stay strong God blessed both.

  20. Honnielyn Fernando says

    Sweettttt. Kilig to the bone…

  21. Ruby Bautista says

    Lol…nice hearing your love story…so cute n simple.I do like you kabayan…mabait at simply ka lang…I just thought you met somewhere in Middle East…your nurse kaya pala professional ka ring magsalita.God bless you both.😍

  22. SONA SONA says

    I love ur story so impressive to watch it's so nice if u love each other and believe understanding trust care that is important things in life bcz me that I'm so much believe bcz of God knows everything God is great

  23. SONA SONA says

    Hi ate good morning sayo I'm so much happy with my husband also hes from India also LDR RELATIONSHIP ALL IS HAPPY TOGETHER EVER

  24. walang kwentang bloger says

    kakalilig naman kayo..😍😍

  25. Vivian bhieb Nunez says

    I. hope i meet someday…

  26. honey mdiiy says


  27. Leonor Magcalas says

    Simple & lovely.❤️

  28. Emma Goc-ong says

    I’m watching from Las Vegas Nevada USA 🇺🇸 ng mga vedio nyo👍🥰

  29. THESS_VLOG says

    Bestfriend ok rin asawa nya Indian dito sa canada pero yung malaki dito pinanganak dalawa na rin anak nila pogi rin asawa nya at maganda mga anak nila ang cu cute fav ko ang biryani rice nila sana luto ka namn ng version

  30. Saturn9 Jopillo says


  31. Olivia Dimagiba says

    Your mole at the middle of your forehead is nice..Is it really a mole? I saw in this vlog that your mother in law and other Indianas have moles too on their forehead.what is the meaning of putting a mole – like on the forehead of Indianas?

  32. Leah Luceno says

    Hi po… Kambal ba yong anak nyo? Ang cute nla🥰

  33. Awesome Tired says

    Para kayong artista on your dating days!!Nakakahawa yung kilig mo hehe.

  34. socalflipat says

    Those are your 2 kids?

  35. Olimer Torres says

    I lived & work for MOF Sharjah
    @ Al Qassimi Hospital,,& am very near Ajman ,,
    Ajman to Dubai is like an hours drive ,20DH by taxi
    Ajman is a lively Olace ,,compared to Sharjahmy workmate has same lovestory as yours

  36. Sk Sulthanbasha says

    Madem ur husband telugu boy

  37. Julie Julie says

    I wish I can have also my own "ram" 😂😂😂

  38. love You says

    Filipina lovely

  39. corazon guiao says

    Payat days 😁

  40. Juda Jean says

    Beautiful love story I really feel in love love it

  41. Cha Cha GD says


  42. Ron Miguel says

    You really embraced the culture of your husband. You changed for him.

  43. Lily Abueva says

    Nakilig ako ate, ano kaba 😅🤣🤣😆🙏😍☺

  44. Rubyjane Langoyan says

    is it true maam na ang isang indian muslim boy di pwdi mg asawa ng ibang lahi like filipina .

  45. Rubyjane Langoyan says

    maam ask ko lng po kng alam nyu po ba ang tungkol sa muslim culture ng india

  46. Leni Cuenca says

    Nice story, i'm new here watching your videos, i find it interesting😊😊

  47. Maryjoy Avelino says

    Hello virli ann new subscriber here..i enjoy watching your vlog..may itatanong lang ako kng mahirap ba pumunta ng pinas ang mga indian …

  48. CoDiNg WithAnonymous says

    sister,,, im hindu and my gf phillipness is christian … is it possible for our marryiage

  49. george acer says

    Ganda mopla ate pogi din ng hisvand mo

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