How Fluent Are The Filipinos In English? (Language Challenge) | ASIAN BOSS

How Fluent Are The Filipinos In English? (Language Challenge) | ASIAN BOSS

We hit the streets of Manila, Philippines to test the English skills of Filipinos. The opinions expressed in this video are those of individual interviewees alone and do not reflect the views of ASIAN BOSS or the general Filipino population.

Special thanks to our reporter, Hazel, cameraman, Raymond (Luna Films) and project manager Cheryl.

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  • Yep i am pilipino i know how to speak in english but i can speak in english when i talk to foreigners but i cannot speak english in my fellow countrymen its very unpatriotic.

  • IMO 80% of the population can understand english but for good speakers or fluent just about 30% I guess. of course, grammar is lacking but if foreign english speakers would visit different parts of the country even in remote areas for sure there is at least someone who can properly communicate with them.

  • I wish to be good in written skills too ….. Hehehe

  • 2:50 ahh

  • English lang pala eh! Wait, hold my beer…

  • English is a global language. It doesn't need to be grammatically correct, what's important is you understand each other.

  • Not all Filipinos are fluent in English but we could assure you even vendors, pedicab drivers, farmers and Filipinos who did not finish school can still understand English. You will never be lost in the Philippines.

  • I've met a filipino once, and he told me a story about a girl who met this American guy in the 90s, to cut the story short, after meeting the American dude, she actually tell him this, "can you fax me tonight?"

    So you'll understand with the slang of filipinos

  • Every one smiling 😂
    That's great
    Love from India 🇮🇳 to all philipino Bros and siso ❤️🙏

  • English is an important language so we can always consume American imperialist propaganda.

  • filipinos are very fluent in english especialy young children.
    im good at english but when i speak in english icant really speak straight because of distractions like being shy like that

  • We all got nervous when speaking english

  • 5:48 simp4thisgirl

  • We can speak english as well as understand English but sometimes we are not confident on our grammar.

  • Uy, sa Caloocan City Hall yan ah

  • English is my third language after bengali and Hindi but I am better than them

  • Kayabangan ng pinoy talaga

  • Interviewer: Why do you think sir are Philippine fail to qualify for the FIFA World Cup?"

    As an English tutor, this is so painful to listen to.

  • Many Filipinos are fluent, it just depends where you are in the country. You’ll find most of them in the city but specifically in the rich communities and the public spaces nearby which the people in the vid were talking abt when they said if you’re fluent in Eng you’re likely from a richer family

  • I'm proud that we can totally understand the english subtitles on movies.

  • that woman got me pissed, filipino represent here

  • For me, the girl host is beautiful.

    Sa akin, ang babaeng host ay maganda✌😀

  • Tingin ko fluent naman sa english mga pinoy acceptable to have an articulate conversation kaso may mga perfect dito sa bansa na pupunahin sayo kahit yung slightest grammatical error kaya yung iba nawawalan ng confidence. Usually yung mga gumagawa nyan na nang dodown kapag mali grammar mo hindi ko nilalahat pero mga call center agents masyadong mga perfect na parang english nalang batayan ng katalinuhan ng tao.

  • Pero some of ppls deosnt have currently na with accents but its filipino native's English

  • Im filipino but i'll connect my own opinion taglish but for me hahaha coz Every words of tagalog other ppls deosnt know the tagalog so some of it making thru english

  • We can speak English that is called Carabao English just like the people featured here..

  • Im from malaysia

  • Just make us drunk..

    We will never afraid and have confidence to talked english

  • that is a real filipina grandma right there. they would really mix in stories from their personal life (or "chismis" as we call it here) in their answers in an interview HAHAHHAHA

  • 1:26 is a pretty version of origin filipino. Uniquely filipino.

    Other girls in video look alike other country faces from eurasion/ thailand/myammar/indonesia/

  • Just by casual conversation nag tataglish na sila… See? 😆🤣

  • a very disturbing topic😅😑

  • Ako na gusto matuto ng mas malalalim na tagalog.


  • My girl say attitude to to "attichude"🤣🤣🤣

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