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  1. BABA CACA says

    He is a hero

  2. Ed Kho says

    more to come!

  3. I AM AVIN says

    Jeez that was near my school

  4. No name says

    My school is near that mall. My mom was in the mall during that time. I was about to go to the mall but it was unsafe. He nearly started a cou detat. I might be attacked but he shot people! Don't say it's okay for him to do that.

  5. Lawrence Reteracion says

    Bolok talaga galawan ng mga pilipino pag may hostage taking, bat kailangan more than 5 police pa kailangan gamitin para I tumba Ang suspek? Pano Kong aksidenteng pumotok Ang Granada? Kagaya Rin ng nangyari noon sa QUIRINO GRANDSTAND, dahil na rin sa kapalpakan

  6. Roblox ImADMR_TZ says

    SWAT team units alnd police offficers came very mad XD

  7. Flamingo says

    Sometimes violence are useful means of getting attention of the corrupt people. It addresses immediately the issue, but the prize is high. Your life could be at stake and the actual benefits goes to silent people while you are six foot under the ground or inside the jail!

  8. Michael Orallo says

    John Q of the Philippines…

  9. One Piece for All says

    He is an Evil to the People who abused him but a Hero to the people that are oppress

  10. Jenjen Tejano says

    mga bubu .Sana pinakingan nyu muna Yung opinion nung Tao di Naman makakagawa NG ganyan pang hostage Yan Kung maayos kayu.kung maganda pamamalakad nyu s kanila daig nyu pa walang pinag Aralan s mga ginagawa nyu walang utak😡😡😡

  11. Purple Media Independent says

    $ talks and BS walks.

  12. Purple Media Independent says

    $ talks and BS walks.

  13. Bala Subramaniam says

    No matter what, he done wrong and it’s an criminal offence! He even shot his former colleague and he might hurts others if they argue with him. He should personally see his boss to talk about it rather then hostage innocent people. The Police still allow him to talk to Media, it’s look so Silly!

  14. Oral Jibbies says

    as of now that mall just became one of the epicenters of coronavirus here

  15. WLS says

    PNP is so incompetent.

  16. TryThunder says

    What is this man? Doing kamikaze

  17. xox AZ says

    When he started talking about the corruption etc.they man handled him.

  18. Eddie De Leon says

    my apologies my friend for this beautifull city is the HOME of VOLLEYBALL PLAYERS where great games played … lesson to be learned like blotch in a white paper … keep safe there afterall WE HAVE ONLY ONE PASSPORT and pass this DOOR ONCE … salamat DO NOT WASH YOUR LINEN IN PUBLIC a misunderstanding i guessed and i hate to write this for the kindness of the KING … a soldier in Thailand lost everything for whatever reasons there maybe its the teaching never commit that something that is not yours especially LIFE, for once i also asked why did i live

  19. ShiJie 12311 says

    It shocked me how he was ambushed

  20. I don't condone his action but his message is very clear, the maltreatmentand belittling of employees are prevalent.
    He gave a voice to every employees whom are being bullied and mistreated by their superiors. He may have delivered his message in the wrong way, but his point really speaks the truth.

  21. Beau Kyrst says

    A country in which "justice" is a luxury. No wonder they never progressed.. #SMH

  22. Nicole Anne Tabanera says

    He’s new born baby died, so sad ☹️

  23. Darius says

    Looks chaotic…

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