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  1. LolHPdumb Free fire says

    We need a new Lebanese government!

  2. DDS Supporters Tatay Digong says

    Who brought here after the explosion of Lebanon

  3. Wyatt Ash says

    YAN GAWA KASI NANG 2020 Ito ang bad year TALAGA AA

  4. Victoria Meier says

    Why only.now

  5. Marisol Santos Centino says

    Anu po ba ang totoo makakauwi na po ba lahat ng mga ofw sa Middle East panu na po ito 🙏😭😭😭

  6. Ma. Theda Bañaga says

    Lord, Jesus through the intercession of Holy Mother Mary,I lift up to you,peace to all filipino people,and peace to the world..Amen

  7. Hydra AngelFace says

    People of the Philippines.. tapos napo ang crisis… hindi na klangan mgamba pa…


    Philippines are not involve about this so stop telling filipinos about any issues about war , its no connect okay

  9. Albert Cabral says

    I love GOD and jesus no war

  10. Marisol Santos Centino says

    Sana po makauwi na po kaming mga nasa Middle East tulungan nyo po kami habang di pa lumalala ang giyera thanks god 😭😭😭😭

  11. SIR T says

    Stay out these countries for work and create work at home or get involved with the government to make work deal with USA?!🇺🇸

  12. Fortunato Wenceslao says

    Dyan na kayo SA Iraq ginusto niyo Naman diba..

  13. Willy Javier says

    Thats why dont mess with American citizens or else you will have a consequences

  14. Gabriella Oviefo Frayji says

    Watching from Lebanon

  15. Diana Kiara b. says

    Jusko!! Lord this is not we want in 2020😭

  16. Mick says

    I sense ww3

  17. GailStorm08 says

    This is very scary. I hope you all come back home safely♥️

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