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  1. ETC Videos says

    Who here thinks filipino food is the best cuisine? 👍🏼

  2. Slaughter Pig says

    Me preparing to cry cause I love the Philippines but I also love Gordon

  3. Moonlight Sun says

    Me: watching the video^
    still me: bakit ayaw nya to ^looks the whole vid^ ay clickbait pa to


  4. MarGabriel DR. Idang says

    Wo their summons us💪🇵🇭

  5. DELTA25 gaming says

    BRUH clickbait pamore.

  6. Diwata Symonelle says

    the dislikes tho hahaha

  7. • Aiko Chiaki San • says

    Yeah it's called pandesah 😂 british is cool 😎👌

  8. Tirso C. Orpiada Jr. says

    What hell men you click baited us 🤬

  9. Xandra Canlas says

    Clickbait amputa 🤣

  10. Fechie Samontina says

    I hate the tittle ,I was about to get mad to that man😁

  11. Mercado John Arnie D. says

    He liked it. U clickbait piece of shit.

  12. Iamjohnrazel says

    A clickBait

  13. Octa Castillo says

    Thank god it's a prank😂

  14. JorenGaming says

    Your using us filipinos to have views, thats so mean

  15. Geovanie Guevarra says

    Hmm i think is not about what the title Filipino dish is I think Gordon Ramsay looks for something that is simple in ingredients and not hard to find ingredients that can form into good dish most Filipino dishes are like that. we do not look for good kind class ingredient's like bisen meat etcetera etcetera, we just look in our surrounding and learn how to mix all ingredients together thats beyond our taste that is Filipino

  16. Mark Jason Damot says

    Looks like I am disgrace!

  17. Bryce Stuart says

    Oh gosh I almost wanted to cook him, adobo style.

  18. Nepthaly Calinog says

    Hahaha another 🤣 😅 😆

  19. Athanasius Jerome says

    The hell r u guys talking about? He just said he loves filipino food. U need to watch the whole clip

  20. •Eren_ chan• says

    Everyone one the chat: fights swear blah blah
    Me: Ok this idiots are crazy again-

  21. chimon eysiii says

    Phew i saw this bitch again 😑

  22. Heneral luna be like: "punyeta"

  23. Philip Cenir says

    Fawk you men our food is the best did you want to get by tsinelas or sintoron haaaa!!!

  24. Josh Escorids says

    This has a lot of dislikes than the likes ratio lol 😆

  25. Anna Ugsimar says

    Another click bait 🤦🏻‍♂️

  26. ImVert says

    bat ba may mga squatter pa

  27. dia says

    elliot jacob calubayan

  28. Marlou Valdez says


  29. You Have No Rights says

    Ah yes my country men are easily baited
    By adding Filipino in the video title

    That includes me

  30. Ezie chinito says

    Hey I'm in Filipino that's not garbage that's meat chicken and rice

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