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  1. KIM n LEE says

    please make sure like & subscribe
    thanks for your support♥

  2. MOMO MOMO says

    You can add chili on any Filipino Food. 🙂

  3. gressielle falsis says

    some of us also make the corned beef as an extender to spaghetti

  4. Phylicia Cabais says


  5. ravenfey says

    tangina! sabe ko start na ng diet ko.. e2 naggigisa na ko ng corned beef.

  6. efren absalon says

    my favorite corned beef brand and my favorite for merienda and breakfast as well. i'd to thank you for featuring FILIPINO culture, i think KOREANS and FILIPINOS love each other, because we also super like and love your food, kpop,kdrama many more. i really enjoy watching your videos because of real appreciation and honest reactions.

  7. Edgar Pascual says

    Add some scrambled egg and you’ll love it too..

  8. Edgar Pascual says

    Love you guys.I really enjoy your vlog…Hope Mr. Smith will have the chance to taste this food…

  9. Nicole Dela cruz says

    Chicken Kari

  10. next time try delimondo, no need to cook.

  11. master rannie says

    Very nice bro….perfect combination with hot sauce for ginisang corn beef with potato…

  12. Charleston Laganson says

    Wow pure food.. you are rich persons haha

  13. Ni Na says

    thats my favorite!!!!😳♥︎

  14. Everly Jayag says

    Please try Chicken Afritada 😍 its deliciousss…
    Btw… i always love watching your vlogssss Keep it up ❤

  15. nenabunena says

    I don't like meat aside from burgers and hotdog with bread, I prefer rice still

  16. Aly in Wonderland says

    that's my favourite dish to eat.. and I use butter instead of oil to cook white onions and garlic..garlic should be cut into bits.. It will taste amazing with a butter! hope u try it 🙂 and paired with crackers, rice and riped mango feels heaven ^^

    melt the butter and when dissolve add onion and garlic..low heat wait until turn brown then add cornbeef!

    try cooking devil tofu ala Max style.. you can check youtube videos:)

  17. Bts Heart says

    Every morning, that was always my breakfast. Good with rice or bread, so delicious 😋

  18. zaidie salcedo says

    you can add cheddar cheese or tabasco or some scramble egg or fried egg with the bread…
    some mustard or mayo, is good aswell or some jalapenos

  19. Jireh Talinio says

    You put some cheese too😊

  20. Kath Cachuela says

    When pairing it with rice, you may also make it with soup. Just add 2 cups of water, green peas and cabbage. 😋

  21. Charie Lazaro says

    It would be much better if you guys add cheese on it…

  22. apollo v. says

    You can also add diced carrots and red and green bell peppers for more flavor. You're also love it.

  23. monaliza igarashi says

    try LAING

  24. Anderson Rivera says

    I love it. Hope you guys try the coca cola chicken. That's so good😊

  25. palaginghuli says

    You guys make me hungry…

  26. robby alcantara says

    Pure foods corned beef are the best ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  27. Bly Dia says

    That's why there's corned beef pandesal in starbucks ph. It's that good

  28. Steve Cage says

    Irish items.

  29. Elisa Dizon says

    Those are my favourites ..it's good you enjoyed it !

  30. C L says

    also nice with toasted bread too 😀

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