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FOREIGNERS try FILIPINO FOOD from Philippines BEST Restaurant for TAKE OUT!


  1. Making it happen Vlog says

    We thought we will be on a diet and loose some weight when we come back to Manila but there are WAY TOO MANY TEMPTATIONS haha 😂 we ordered Filipino Food take out from Philippines Best Restaurant: Toyo Eatery! It is hard to describe how we feel about this. The best is to watch this food vlog 🙂

  2. Dickie Santos says

    You can spend time in a certain province and review their takes on breakfast, lunch, dinner and desserts. Compare with different provinces. Longganisa in Vigan is different from that of Cebu, Lukban in Quezon province. And that's just 1 item. Try rice based desserts from different provinces. Maybe they're available online.

  3. Dickie Santos says

    Thai, Malaysian food are one dimensional. Thai by its peppers, Malaysian its sambal sauces. Filipino food is complex, requiring a mix of ingredients and sauces that complement each other. Look up the vlogs of Mikey Chen, Simply dumpling. He reviews food worldwide.

  4. Dickie Santos says

    What are your feelings, reactions towards Austrian, US and Filipino culture? Why did you settle on the Philippines?

  5. Dickie Santos says

    Try take out from Ineng's. They've been in the business of barbecues for decades.

  6. faller vardalo says

    try sardenes with miswa miswa with patola

  7. Jhonny bersame says

    Makati happen to be one of those places where you can find tons of fabulous , delicious resto to your heart desire guys heje !

  8. Gloria Bort says

    Please show us also the place inside the restaurants , the surroundings …. and the food of course. I miss the Philippines! 🇵🇭

  9. Reynaldo Fernandez says

    Helloo new here , been watching ur vlog , just had the time to subscribe right now .u guys are amazing , 👍☺️

  10. Felix Go says

    Im so hungry watching this vlog.

  11. Alymer Portacio says

    She’s so adorable when she said “alamang” btw Nelly it’s fermented tiny shrimp paste, it’s usually sautéed… which is sooooo good with unriped sour mango 🥭 🤤 These guys are more Filipino now than I am 😅…. sending my ❤️ to you both from Guam 🇬🇺

  12. Lucky Cenizal says

    Thankyou for loving the philippines… Love you guys… And George and Lucy… Hahaha

  13. perlaaguinaldo says

    thats one of my fav in your blog eating oh you make me hungry 😋😁

  14. Benedict Tan says

    Try EARTH ORIGINS vegan resto…in sct Reyes diliman qc

  15. MugiYonko says

    i thought it was Spiral Buffet hahahahahaha

  16. Thess Duong says

    Please try 8 Tables in QC by Celebrity Chef Jerome Winston. You can also check his FB account Chefwix.

  17. SaVvgorR 357 says

    I can definitely eat better than you guys (that’s a joke) enjoy 😊

  18. Dan Arambulo says

    Great content! Awesome to know you guys are back in Manila <3

  19. random person says

    Impressive drone shots…👏👏.👏👏👏

  20. Ramon Cailipan says

    Thanks- Mike and Nelly- hope to try this on my next visit- salamat- you guys rock.

  21. Chlouie Chiang says

    I love how you show Manila's skyscraper!!! SO BEAUTIFULLLL <3

  22. Chlouie Chiang says

    already SMASHING THE LIKE BUTTON in the first 30 seconds because that quick montage of the Manila skyscraper in the beginning is so beautiful <3

  23. Annizumi says

    I’m hungry now.

  24. May Ladrido says

    Looks like I will be bringing my family over there to try that Toyo Restaurant as well.. 😍😍😍

  25. BASS BOOSTED says

    Pinoy pork barbeque is waaaaaaay better than satay IMHO.
    What I love with my country is our food. Like if you agree.

  26. Joan Cadavez says

    The food is so delicious-looking.What an amazing video you guys always produce!!!More power to you Mike and Nelly!!!

  27. edna smith says

    Feel hungry while watching your vlog! Looks yummy and healthy❤️❤️❤️🇬🇧

  28. Steven Esteron says

    Philippines 🇵🇭

  29. WaW TV says

    ang sarap namn nyan

  30. Arturo Lomibao says

    Why are you guys NOT getting fat!!! I get fat just by smelling food!

  31. Josephine Gentiles says

    drooling here!

  32. Rosario Dumangon says

    Yummy I'm hungry

  33. Jo vean Layno says

    I bet the Alamang stayed in your fingers for a nice couple of minutes 😁

  34. Cesar De Los Reyes says

    Retiring this year and back in the Philippines next year …. see you guys there and probably have lunch or dinner. Man, you make us miss our native filipino dishes …. mmmmmmmmmmm

  35. Mystic Rose says

    Best drone shot of Manila! @3:21

  36. Maya Baltazar Herrera says

    Try this. The ducks come from the owner's duck farm.


  37. Cafe_80’s Barako says

    Back in times why we dont get fats,
    We eat in small portion
    so we could eat
    Breakfast at 6:00,
    Merienda at 10:00,
    Lunch at 12:00
    And take a Nap
    and Merienda Again
    at 3:00,
    and dinner at 6:00
    And sometimes a midnight snack at 10:00( not everyday maybe on a weekend).

  38. Cafe_80’s Barako says

    We Pinoy Living Abroad Get Us Idea Where To Go When We Visit Manila.

  39. Maricel Balmes says

    Hi Mike and Nelly you must also try “You Know the grill” it was featured in the news paper Manila Star jus the other day!!! 👌👌👌

  40. Brian Baxter says

    Get a table at Toyo but could not make it happen?? But your vlog is Making it Happen so what happened haha. The food looks awesome. Your sound levels are all over the place. When you talk it is very low then when you show excitement it is about 5 times louder. Hope you enjoy your dine in experience.

  41. Athrune Channel says

    The worst time to watch this video is when you're hungry.

  42. ironoceans says

    Nelly that is one HEAVENLY Bilao that you have just uncovered. Awesome. Just awesome.

  43. Kenneth Dangazo says

    Loving the B-roll and of course your music ❤️ both of you are such a natural and spontaneous 😊

  44. Nikkoh Munoz says

    Great video. Love the music too!

  45. iam Red says

    Wow. You actually booked a table at toyo?! That is Celebrity chef Judy ann Santos' favorite restaurant too. Might wanna check out AngryDobo by Chef Judy Ann…

  46. joey joya joya alvarez says

    enriched gravy egg like.

  47. joey joya joya alvarez says

    chicharon snack at midnight with me..

  48. joey joya joya alvarez says

    you miss barbecue

  49. Ciao says

    Please support these couple. Don't skip adds and share their videos, they deserved to be recognized by us (Filipinos).

  50. BEAMiT says

    Juicy Vlog might be jealous hehe about the food

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