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  1. crystal clear ComCom says

    This guys is absolutely one of a kind thats filipino tradition eat with your hands and they really represent the food, cultures, community, beaches, mountains.

  2. H20 says

    Bbq and kinamot 😀 nice

  3. Yuuji Fakahera says

    HAHA tama nga ako ung intro bohol🤣👌

  4. carmel espinosa says

    Si kulas perti gyud ni ka laagan, pero lamii gyud ang feeling mag-laag

  5. love u guys,,,♥️♥️😊😘😘

  6. Wines Mplasta says

    Hi kulas.. I enjoy watching ur.vlog. Its so great to know a foreigner love to travel around the Pinas..

  7. Roselle Garcia says

    You are great kulas! You have a big help in our country promoting many beautiful and tourist spots here in our country. I Injoy watching your videos and together with your brother's, your Canadian friends and Filipino friend's too!

  8. Gastador Luisito says

    kulas is not a boring kind of vlogger..he made us smile but sometimes we cry because we feel his kind hearted to our fellow filipino he always touch our emotions..hes more like true filipino..he go anywhere and brave enough to explore remote area in this country even in tawi tawi.. he documented that province..so amazing..

  9. Bernadette O'Neill says

    Enjoy & stay safe Kulas & co. 👍

  10. Animal Pak says

    We love and respect yall fighter boys

  11. Dolor Alfaro says

    Ohh I miss my hometown Hilongos next town from Bato, Leyte. Daniel is gwapo and Bret too

  12. chawee Matucol says

    What ?
    Squid ice cream ?

  13. Billy atienza says

    Kaon ta letchong kawali https://youtu.be/bkcUXiLF4HA

  14. Kols ML says

    Kulas pinaka bulab0g

  15. Alodia Amor says

    Hi kulas I love watching your videos so nice to be there love the place and food, so cool, spread the love, visit mine also stay safe enjoy

  16. ester nobleza says


  17. MANS IGNACIO TV says

    Asa mana sa leyte idol? Suruy pud sa lugar namu idol sa Bosloton Bantigue Isabel leyte marami beach doon..

  18. MANS IGNACIO TV says

    Very nice content..

  19. MANS IGNACIO TV says

    Idol pasipa naman ng tsanil ko ..nasipa kuna sayu salamat..

  20. Kuya Bryan Official says

    Maayung adlaw

  21. Alma Cabual says

    Welcome here in the Philippines guys be safe always and god bless you everyone

  22. Pasidi Shidiq Chanel says

    Hopefully more healthy … regards from Bondowoso East Java Indonesia

  23. Jessica May Santos says

    Nice to see you guys. I was amazed coz you've adapted already the Filipino way. 😁

  24. Wild Flower Fireman says

    Sana all

  25. Jennifer Fegurac says

    Oh my god,,,american can sing pusong bato,,,amazing,,,,salute!

  26. Thinker Amir says

    https://youtu.be/LElJzomR_cU plss subcribe FRONTROW RIYADH

  27. Letecia Brino says

    Ohh love you all & may God bless you always.. just enjoy your adventure in my country..

  28. NelsoN RicaForT says

    I hope someday you will come here in our Town Tacloban city and the province of Samar … Theirs a lot of Tourist spot and some different traditional foods …thank you Idol GoD bless po😍😍🙏

  29. Janice Lawson says

    Galing ng pusong bato…

  30. Analie Tolentino says

    Thank you guyzzz..amazing video.keep safe to all of you and more power.

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