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  1. sashidemedia says

    Hi everyone, thanks for all the comments and likes! We have more NEW episodes up on our channel of Food Unknown, so keep watching, and thanks for subscribing! More new episodes coming up! And Yes, we will be back in Philippines to discover other areas, thanks for all the feedback, we've noted them all!!

  2. Mark Caminski says

    The reason Philippine restaurants always fail is because of their food is very dirty and hazardous. They secretly mix human feces in every dish as flavor and their believe that it enriches the dish and spiritually blessed. Also, they really don't have any idea of good food, just mix everything and heat over fire or a hot source such as hot coal.

  3. oldskool_miss says

    An interesting video – I was able to see some sceneries and practices that I haven't been able to personally witness. Maybe you can come back and explore the food in Palawan, the Visayas islands and Mindanao too? You might be surprised 😉

  4. Psycho 11:30 says

    I love the objective of this episode

  5. regina sy says

    Thank you for featuring the Philippines. Hope we will find more unique Filipino cuisines that you might find interesting too such as how we preserve our local food. Please have a glimpse of Jessica Soho's KMJS dated Aug 1, 2020, on the first part of it. Thanks and more power!

  6. Jhon Ricar Bernabe says

    Kare kare?

  7. marcon jake canonoy says

    Because most of filipino food are not healthy, it’s too greasy, and full of carcass, that’s why it not too popular

  8. Alex Matibag says

    in 400 years under spanish rule,magkasabay nawala ang ating DIGNITY AT IDENTITY,
    kaya wala kayong masasabing sariling atin.

  9. Don Arnoco says

    I am Filipino but I don't eat balut. 🤣

  10. gabi says

    The great locations and customs captured in this video were spoiled by the boring and disingenuous host, whose commentary was uninspiring and low key disrespectful throughout….

  11. M D23 says

    Man I like how you covered the different food and lives of people in the area and like everyone says I learned more from you than other travel vloggers. Good job and thank you.

  12. Bisaya ko bay says

    I'm still midway of this video but I think bicol express could be a candidate

  13. AMA K says

    11:33 haha how interesting, 2 colonial influences together lol, let's not forget that the USA also took part of the Influences on the Philippine culture as well, not only the Spaniards and Hispanics.

  14. Trafalgar Law says

    Arte ng foreigner na yan wtf.

  15. Mark Russel Borigor says

    I am not sure , where’d you get that balut can be eaten RAW.. never it should be boiled.. and best part eating balut is sipping its juice …

  16. fairyTAE's Wifeu says

    Did I saw it right? He effing eat tarantula?
    〣( ºΔº )〣

  17. Joel Honrubia says

    Eating out of bamboo, something that I would want to do

  18. Retence Jade says

    There's a restaurant in the Philippines that uses bamboo to cook food

  19. Hitmen niones says

    He didn't even tried adobo

  20. Hitmen niones says

    All the way Philippines as far as i know it's only luzon how about visayas anf Mindanao😂 i think you shoild visit it also

  21. andrew Mendoza says

    Oh. My wanna meet that handsome host. 🤐🤐🤐

  22. tonet M says

    27:01 #PDEA #Anti_drug_Philippines….u just visited the what we called "Tagalog Cuisine" or Tagalog cooking …as a bikolana from southern luzon we cook it in different way .. we usually cook our food in coconut milk

  23. Kate Luna says

    Lechon!!!!!!! 😍👌🏻👌🏻

  24. Joaquim LLOREN says

    Good food and Travel documentary in the 
    Philippines more power to your show

  25. Sean Murphy says

    I miss Badboy Adobe

  26. red xcube says

    You forgot to visit our province Pangasinan.
    We have a lot of unique exotic foods.
    We have our own special menus never found in other provinces 💁

  27. Angelito Delizo says

    Thank you for your very honest views on Philippine cooking!!

  28. beth gold says

    8:16 cheryl tiu – is chinese – suckling pig is chinese
    12:28 the chef accent was so strong can't understand him – he might as well be speaking spanish
    15:01 fighting cock is cruel evil – cage chickens are cruel – so tight they peck each other to death
    15:12 the chicken feather raw skin look abused animals – chicken slowly beaten to death – no law against it there? do you have to eat cruelty?
    16:16 – may some canibals slowly beat them to death like the chickens – karma
    28:18 – drain blood – not just kill quick with sharpest knife after feeding some faint things? that should be out law – hey pino govt
    38:50 – sisig is like many south east asian grill meat salad
    45:31 – cooking inside bamboo is all over asia – in the cities – like myanmar – taiwan – thailand … all got them eons ago
    chinese eating sharkfin soup americans eating shark steak … is not cruel – what is cruel is pino cutting off the fin n throwing the shark back into the water to die making the ocean red – oh boy – some one film that n the shark fin is ban – yea only shark bleed not the goat chicken cow …

  29. beth gold says

    the sample he gave was paper thin – so stingy for cheap food 7:23

  30. Oh Koi says

    Masarap pagkain pinoy kahit hindi recognize sa buong mundo.

  31. Ira Nanz Gaerlan says

    History + Filipino food. NicE!

  32. Nerdito Gano says

    Ang sinasabi niya yong iriginal Pilipino fiod na pangmasa o o kahit anong lahi at lugar meron gaya ng Chinese food, Thai food, Vietnamese food, Indian food, italian food, Japanese food atbp. Sa atin talaga wala, yong karamihan na Pilipino food hindi pangmasa, hindi pangdaigdigan pagkain. Mga orihinal na luto natin hindi disenteng tingnan at pagkain na ilalatag sa mesa para sa mga ibang banyaga.
    Hindi ko minamaliit ang atin pero wala talaga hindi pangdisplay, sa pangmasang turista. Para sa atin pinakasikat na, pero sa iba, nag-aalanganin pa, inaamoy amoy kasi nga ang itsura parang di masarap at totoo sa panlasa nila di sila kontento.

  33. Anton Acosta says

    Amazing video. I think you’ve barely scratched the surface when it comes to filipino cuisine. If you plan to come back please visit the other islands, you’d be surprised with their specialties. God bless

  34. Weeb of Culture says

    i felt awkward but proud reading my own surname at that background around 31:00 mins😂mins "COLLADO"

  35. Ronell ala says

    Hope i join you eating and i describe more on the filipino food

  36. Gabbie says

    You have just started so scratch the surface of the origins of filipino food. Work your way down more to the other regions of luzon then down visayas then mindanao. 😁

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