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  1. Strictly Dumpling says

    Hi Everyone! Thanks to all your support I am a finalist for the Taste Awards 🙂 If you have a min please help vote for me here http://cafeandre.com/taste-awards-vie... I would really appreciate it 🙂

  2. Kidsley Jon Dolotallas says

    All filipino foods are good.

  3. Ed Valencia says

    I'm used to eating those dishes but you're making me hungry and I just finished eating breakfast !

  4. Mayet's Lutong Bahay says

    Wow! I love the channel and this is so overwhelming! Thank you for appreciating filipino food especially Laing. I am a Bicolana who loves to cook. I'd also love to share to you guys my traditional way to cook our famous Laing (from farm to kitchen) and other Bicolano dishes. Hope you can also visit mine. Sending love and support from PH. 👍🔔💕😘

  5. Baby Boy says

    Stop using Jackie chan's face to gain attention.

  6. Prince and Jasmine TV says


  7. Marbien Aligan says

    I want those foods.

  8. Flippin A says

    Thanks so much for highlighting out cuisine! This is why i decided to start my own channel to feature Filipino recipes to show the world what they're missing 😉

  9. Silent Assasin Gaming says

    You need to try to eat at traditional restaurant

  10. Filipina Gracey Travels says

    Delicious 😋

  11. Rick Anthony Galapon says

    I just had my dinner but still my mouth is dripping🤤🤤🤤

  12. anonymous gamer 360 says

    him eating rice with the giant serving fork everyone in the gerrys grill OwO

  13. Explode Force says

    I love eating at Gerrys especially their Sisig and KareKare!

  14. Chick Ken says

    Next is Muslim Dish please :<

  15. Jennifer Grado says

    Mike Chen is like a food poet. When it comes to describing food, it’s like words just naturally come out from his mouth.

  16. Mau Lee says

    The videos are awesome. This guy knows to eat! A lot! Hahahaha
    Happy Eating! How come you didn't visit my province? The Culinary Capital of the Philippines. Where your favorite sisig originated. Come and taste the flavors of Pampanga next time.

  17. Gel Giron says

    Watching at 1am and 5 mins into the video, I think I want to stop watching. I will be craving if I continue on doing so. My golly, this is such a good video. Good food choices. Makes me hungry!!

  18. Bethuel Idong says

    i love how he uses figures of speech to describe the food

  19. illusionni s says

    who else get triggers when hes not even eating the rice with the sinigang

  20. John Dominic Bustos says

    Try going to bicol

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