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Filipino Travel Update – Cebu City ECQ June 2020


  1. adsdsd sd says

    visa and money

  2. William Warren says

    I was wondering if I come there what I would need to expect there as far as marriage and buying a home and a car and getting a business going there going

  3. david bridglal says

    Do you accept old guys over sixty who are healthy and active?

  4. Leif Swanson says

    And at 25:17

  5. Leif Swanson says

    She is 24 minutes in the video

  6. Leif Swanson says

    Who is the girl I keep seeing in the video with the Burgundy 2 piece bathing suit

  7. Noel Thombs says

    Amen David!

  8. Keith Sherman says

    when i come too the socel how long will i be in a hotel

  9. Filipino women are the most beautiful women on the planet I would love the merry one I live in America I'm a disabled veteran why would love the Mary want to make mad love and have them have my children because they are the most beautiful women around I'm trying to be respectful but they are the most awesome women around they are the prettiest gorgeous angels on Earth

  10. scarezone says

    look how happy these guys are

  11. scarezone says

    american girls dont accept a man if he not very good looking thats sad all men deserve to be loved

  12. scarezone says

    i wish all these guys good luck with there ladies i understand why they went over there to get them a lady because there no true ladies in america thats where im from im having very hard time here girls dont act like girls in america they act manly

  13. chetan dungarwal says

    Do Filipino like Indians

  14. It’s me says

    I can’t speak for AFA because I have t been to one of their events. However I can say Filipina’s do make the best wives. Married to a Filipina myself and I couldn’t ask for a better partner.

  15. Bill Walter says

    Hi, are you available? You are very beautiful lady and nice person.

  16. Samir Badheka says

    Beautiful women, gorgeous !! 😉


    These Filipina ladies are very attractive ladies. I wouldn’t mind dating them who accepts me for I am . I like their sense of humor also I ladies who are ticklish. I must give them respect.

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