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  1. sboudreaux27 says

    1.) "FPJ's AP"
    3.) "Contessa"
    4.) "Princess in the Palace"

  2. lemoncake BTS says


  3. AG's Playtime113 says

    I love wildflower like if any body relates

  4. Apple Bumpcaster says

    haha so true.

  5. joseph Domingo says

    hi Rachel

  6. Darlene Alcantara says

    Hi rachel!
    I know its too late to appreciate your effort of making video of being a filipino. We are proud of you though your tagalog is not good but the fact that you are proud of our country. Thumbs up to you!πŸ˜€like it!!you rock…

  7. Sofia Bacsa says

    Dolce Amore
    On The Wings Of Love

  8. ibuprofanity says

    Actually, Spanish didn't influence film. Film was more of an American influence and the whole teleserye (mainly drama) was influenced by Asian and Spanish. So I mean it was kiiiinnddaaaa influenced by Spanish haha I also like how you're semi fluent in Spanish. I never took Spanish before but I assume it'd be an easy language for us Filipinos to learn.

  9. Ugh Exercise says

    Kathniel Teleseryes:
    1. Got to Believe
    2. Princess and I
    3. Pangako Sa'yo

    Kathniel Movies:
    1. 24/7 in Love
    2. Must Be Love
    3. Pag-Pag (horror)
    4. She's Dating The Gangster
    5. Crazy Beautiful You
    6. Barcelona: A Love Untold
    7. Can't Help Falling In Love

  10. Kim Seokjinie says

    Actually, there is a teleserye in the Philippines involving magic and monsters. It's called Encantadia. Since it involves magic and monsters, it's called a fantaserye instead of a teleserye.

  11. Janine Mondejar says

    Do you ever notice when someone dies in the shows that they're still breathing and can't hold still when in the shot…… or is that just me?
    I always point that out to my parents

  12. Sasha G. says

    Most teleseryes before runs 1-2 years like esperanza, pangako sa'yo (jericho rosales and kristine hermosa). But todays teleserye, they've make it short. 6months is the shortest. (i think so) Which is good. New sub here! 😊😊

  13. Jaela Lexandra says

    1. Got to Believe
    2. Forevermore
    3. Pangako Sa'yo

  14. Hey Joe says

    should watch filipino series like G.O.T. https://youtu.be/MuTeQyLjV_g drama's is some kind of an old themed filipino serye. hahaha for me.. i guess. me and my friends just don't like more of the series that's so predictable and the storyline have been used before..haha

  15. Teresa Hoyt says

    These ones are somewhat old. Like around 2002-2007 ish. But these Filipino teleseryes have magic/monsters: Marina, Krystala, Kampanerang Kuba, Dyesebel, and Marimar from the 90s.

  16. Phazzzie says

    I'm really happy that you're lovin' Filipino culture already 😘

  17. Sarah C says

    Just starting watching your videos last week, i love your personality and all the videos you've made! Ako ay Chinese pero nagaaral ako ng tagalog so I can totally relate to your struggles of learning filipino. Please upload another video soon!!!

  18. #20SEVENTEEN says


  19. TheLeiaV says

    Hey Beautiful! Great content, you have there!! You have a new subbie no.Β 442 in me from Singapore!! l create Beauty Content on my Channel, TheLeiaV, would love to have you support me in return!! Have a great week ahead:)

  20. Episode Passion Official says

    i'll help u! πŸ™‚ Tel-e-ser-yes :X XD thats literally all i could do to help! πŸ™‚

  21. Emily Vu says

    Patiently waiting for u to upload again….

  22. Mel Mendoza says

    1. Till I met you
    2. Pangako Sayo
    3. Tubig at Langis

  23. NLT Visuals says

    1) Pangako sayo
    2) Got to Believe
    3) Dolce Amore

    Honorable mentions:
    Sana Maulit Muli


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