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  1. Best Ever Food Review Show says

    Please SHARE with a friend. Help this channel grow. Let's take over the world, so hopefully I'll be able to return to the Philippines!

  2. Mugzflow official vlog says

    Tagalong daw ng hello hi🤣

  3. Em Servanda says

    "Squid ball" not Sweet ball. Hilig kasi sa Balls amp🤣

  4. Jarred Crisogono says

    The most delicious ball is bolbol

  5. Dwight Gaston says

    SQUID BALL, not sweet ball. 🙂

  6. Itscrazysam says

    It's called squid ball not sweet ball

  7. Jayvie Orig says

    i live in philippines 😀 to bad you cant travel cuz of quarantine

  8. bangtan's potatoes says

    I'm from Philippines watching this vid makes me really crave street foods because for now it's imposible for me to buy due to pandemic :((

  9. Neljen Correos says

    I suggest the food called "PARES" and "MAMI" in the philippines

  10. Yang Ki Chen says

    Wow I love this! I'm a starting Youtuber also… please support my cooking channel ❤️

  11. Alberto Garibay says

    Watching from "Zamboanga's best suka pina-anghang". have a wonderful day po sa lahat ng tagapanood.. available at shopee..

  12. Kyla Camille Ramos says

    No it's not sweet balls. It's " Squid " balls 😅♥️

  13. Bim Bim says

    Oy namimiss ko na kumain ng mga street food di pa ako makalabas😅✌️

  14. Cyril Mae D. Zamora says

    wahhhh i miss those food….curse you covid

  15. Loyd Intia says

    Hello in tagalog means kamusta
    Came from the spanish word como esta…but sometimes hello means mabuhay pilipino expressions means long live!!!

  16. Angela Tubongbanua says

    Favorite street food is fish ball❤️❤️👄👄👄

  17. ninjaiYT says

    ang tagalog ba ng hi ay oi? haha

  18. MG VLOG says

    really the food of philippines is very yummy.. and that is my favorite kwek kwek😍😍😍

  19. MG VLOG says

    i love that kind of food🥰🥰🥰😋😍

  20. MG VLOG says

    and yummy food..

  21. MG VLOG says

    woww..so nice place..😍😍😍😍😍

  22. John Aries Sanurjo says

    6:31 – its actually "Squid Ball"

  23. MY WIG IS MISSING says

    Been craving for some kwek kwek

  24. Ycerm lodab says

    I'm Nonstop laughing while you eat squidball
    Please visit my please Baguio City highland of the Philippines

  25. Angel Pampag says

    I love how Filipinos, being accommodating, and also the people are great. Ilove their sense of humor, and not just to travel but explore their beautiful country. Hello filipinos from USA ( Unahan sa Alabang)

  26. richie untalan says

    Hey sonny make a blog to our famous kwek kwek store in 11th ave grace park caloocan city philippines. After you ate there, beside of that stall a "tres – quatro" where fried lungs and parts of muscle of beef called "litid" was cook after that beside the Our Lady of Grace Chapel the most cleanest "tusok tusok" was there – i've been eating there for almos 2 decades and theres no changes with their tastes❤️👌

  27. Prince Playz says

    ahahah yung hi

  28. Gabriel Tawag says

    to those filipino viewers

  29. Linn Ma says

    🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤Missing philippines 🤤😋

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