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  1. FoodieMommaPH says

    One of the best dampa experiences and freshest seafood in the metro for sure!♥♥♥

  2. Myrna Leon says

    I’m salivating just watching you guys ! Which island are you in ? Davao or Manila???

  3. Adnan Eroğlu says


  4. Alfe Luison says

    Here in Mindanao you can get 1 kg of durian for Php30.00 or less if its durian season.

  5. Luckyfour Valdez says

    Next time try the LOMI. And also try the most famous fastfood in the philippines JOLLIBEE

  6. Roselio Palma says

    Luke and Company, your'e killing me for just watchin you those Filipino sea foods you were feastin in Manila Dampa Restaurants, I'm a Filipino ;iving in Los Angeles California making thousands of dollars each day in the US STOCK Market but cannot eat those Philippine Sea Foods for a long long time, except I come home and feast the famous Roxas City Sea Foods of the Central Philippines!

  7. joseph Ramos says

    ate Mhikee can do the rest. leave it to her the bargaining thing😅😅😋wow i'm a bit surprised khee love the durian😋😅

  8. Subandi Bandi says

    06:17 start.. may i know that music name? Thanks

  9. Sarah Grace says

    with Santol (cotton fruit), you can peel off the outer layer and eat the inner skin too.. dip it in vinegar and salt, and voila!

  10. Nomar Cazar says

    What month is the fruit was shown?

  11. Virgilio Tacsagon says

    Durian is too expensive. Try to go here in Mindanao Philippines, food is cheaper here.

  12. The world through my eyes... says


  13. Leila Müller says

    Where and which Dampa is that ? Ty

  14. Elizabeth Moya says

    First time watching your vlog and I’m so jealous, making my mouth watering so bad I miss my country 😊

  15. Foo Soon says

    Fresh fish is best to steamed to preserve the natural flavor and tenderness of the flesh , that’s just me..

  16. Chr Dvr says

    Sineguelas is Spanish plum in English

  17. Phil Retri says

    Sorry your guide did not know how to haggle I just saw this video just now and I feel cheated I'm pinoy. When in the Philippines Haggle the prices

  18. right person says

    Luke was explaining about philipino fruits as if he was native there and that guid lade was outsider… hahahahaha

  19. Addy Eco says

    Nice sumptous filipino food..yummy ,,miss those food a lot✌✌✌

  20. mj vargas says

    Ang mahal ng crabs boracay price

  21. Danny Bautista says

    My favorite Filipino Seafoods!

  22. Danny Bautista says

    My favorite Filipino Seafoods!

  23. angel malditha says

    Best country Philippines..and all food is healthy

  24. Gone Hunting says

    love this channel and how you actually use your hand not being afraid of getting down and dirty to get those flavours. thank you for the visit

  25. Manuel Mendoza says

  26. Always Grateful says

    I am from Puerto Princesa, Palawan!!! I miss my beautiful province!

  27. MR. FIXER says

    im a filipino

  28. Joe Mroz says

    at 2:30 – the fish eyes are all rotting.

  29. Priscila Gabriel says

    Thanks for visiting our country Luke 😊 🇵🇭..

  30. Priscila Gabriel says

    Thanks for visiting our country Luke 😊 🇵🇭..

  31. Geri Cornista says

    Those are soo freaking expensive here & seafoods not as fresh like that & those exotic fruits are not that sweet here too!!

  32. Angel Manuel says

    they charged you higher!

  33. Iris Manuel says

    the crab's price was just right. Its much expensive here in Laguna, to think that we're just few miles away from quezon province and batangas who's the main supplier of crabs in manila.

  34. いつき。 says

    oooh I'm like in Philippines:)
    It makes me very very hungry.

  35. Joshua Baquilala says


  36. Rose Santos says

    Amazing. I want all of those 🙂

  37. Ernie Lara says

    We used to drop by a wet market along sukat road in paranaque during the early 80 on our way home to buy some sea foods for dinner. Last time we visited, what they did now is put up some cook out restaurants around the place. Yoe but sea foods in the market and bring them to these restaurants and they cook it for you for a fee. Thats the best meal we had in10 years we've be away.

  38. Mel L says

    You may just call them what they are – Santol and Caimito – instead of giving them English names.

  39. Anna Solatan says

    The prices are ridiculous tourists are being scammed!!!

  40. Cliant James Moreno says

    800 for 2? thats expensive man even if its 600g each. lol

  41. Luke Sierra says

    The sell overpriced

  42. Rutchelle Lagata says

    250 for a kilo of durian??u guys were scammed hahahaha

  43. Anooblikeguy Lol says

    Thou shall not buy female crabs is a sin worst with eggs😱

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