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  1. Tenggoy Kolokoy says

    Hey guys if you're craving for a quick lechon fix in Manila try Lydia's Lechon. Go there on a Saturday right before lunch as the lechon is freshly roasted. You can buy in portions and they're delectable!

  2. Norman Zabala says

    High blood pressure careful eating.

  3. Roberto Pestano says

    Such a joy to watch…way to go guys…

  4. WorldPeace1 says

    Why is everyone over hyping lechon? I mean its roasted pork like everywhere else in the world that cooks it.

  5. agape john lagon says

    try the chicharon bulaklak

  6. Camille Palma says


  7. ** says

    Hi … sweet couple !!!

    Please also … visit this place also …

    Las Casas Filipinas De Acuzar
    Its in Bagac Bataan north of Manila !!!

    I do hope you'll like it !!!

    Have a nice … safe trips not just to what i recommend but to all your future travel goals !!!

    Keep safe all the time and have fun !!!

    Bring us all to your journey !!!

  8. Enzo Del Fierro says

    There is this famous or the best hehe lechon restaurant in Cebu. And it is name Rico's Lechon. Btw I love ur vid, I am so happy that you love it so much.

  9. Nelson Banez says

    And the zhech Filipino couple vlog like also lechon in England

  10. Nelson Banez says

    The Filipino British couple vlog like to eat Lechon in England

  11. zeus xx says

    Try ricos lechon and alejos

  12. Mia Keyshiey Gulane says

    Owww my ghassh that's in sm cebu HAHHAHAH

  13. "Tastes like Christmas." Perfect way to describe a Pork Lechon! 🔥 It's succulent, juicy, crispy, and packs a lot of flavor.

  14. Juan de la Kupal says

    Hey, try Lydia’s Lechon. It’s sumptuous and you can buy it, take out , at any of their braches. Tip, go there on weekends so it’s freshly roasted!

  15. MAR SANSOY says

    Love you guys .

  16. red bull says

    guys we Filipinos eat letchon with rice! In fact we eat our food mostly with rice😊 I can't imagine eating letchon without rice😊

  17. iHart U says

    the best lechon is from iligan city lanao del norte… cenu and davao have gone there already for a competition… i promise… ypu wont regret… i wonder why the lechon you've ate is not red in color… iligan city's lechon's skin is crispy lile when you touch the skin, your finger leaves a hole in it before it agitates… and it's tastier than ever…

  18. MrDesertFox says

    I also like Gammon meat when i first tried it at The Shard.

  19. Girlie Arancana says

    Lucy looks baby-ish here. ☺

  20. Joe Philip says

    Hoping to see another one of this "lechon" vlog in your area BGC.

  21. Carl Montelibano says

    Glad you like it are you guys moving to cebu for good.?

  22. Natalie Tai says

    Lovely lechon . The waiter is very helpful and explained it so well .It makes me hungry watching both of you !

  23. Andrew Villanueva says

    Love that London people trying Filipino food.

  24. SLEFB TV says

    Its 3am and this is making me hungry. 😩🤤

  25. Barry Paloma says

    Best with rice!

  26. Shopping Cheap says

    When eating Filipino food, you should eat it with rice. One reason why the flavors are so rich is because rice nuetralizes it

  27. Benie Mansueto Vison says


  28. George Reilly says

    Hey guys! I've just found Ur channel and love the craic! I'm hooked but I think I need to start from number one to follow u properly! I've been following Jumping Places for a year! They are just leaving the Philippines! Ur gonna fill the void!

  29. Ferds Antonio says


  30. Jenno Guinang says

    Delicious Lechon 📸

  31. Ezekiel 33:6 says

    Not authentic lechon tho.. and Christmas is paganism

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