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  1. Sam Tv says

    wow beautiful .

  2. Aldrin Orlanes Politico says

    Add me on YouTube

  3. Patrick Bandelaria says

    Came here just to 'escape' 2020's miseries. Miss the awesome past years.

  4. jovenar says

    The Juicy Vlog marathon starts now. July 28, 2020

  5. Rodell Cabacungan says

    The PHILIPPINES is indeed a Heaven on Earth, the Philippine water represents the color of the Earth🏝️💙🌏

  6. Melvin Manalo says

    Thanks for visiting Philippines.. Come back again.. I'm your no. 1 fan

  7. Ren. Chua Reyes Jr. says

    Why I'm here😅 becoz of juicy vlog react👌

  8. Russell Montiel Montojo says

    El Nido is like a big ocean of swimming pool. very clear water and great underwater species. unspoiled island.

  9. Kb Tayag says

    hi guys what’s the title of your intro music? 😇

  10. Silver Back says


  11. PHA RYNX says

    I'm here again 💓

  12. Snow Bear de Vera says

    Visit SIARGAO ❤️

  13. Silvestre Alferez says

    Wow!!! It's deserve 1 million views 💯😄😄👍😁

  14. Ariel Jallorina says

    So nice love it

  15. Ariel Jallorina says

    Hello mam so pretty

  16. Sam Stinson says


  17. ZXCruiz Zxc says

    How nice couple so sweet and vlog the ph tourism

  18. boom mga katae katae says

    Sana all

  19. Alex Caballero tv says

    Wow nice beach amazing places very beautiful its nice..wow…nice injoy the travel of the Philippines..very good places idol..
    I watching video from cebu..
    Keep safe god bless you..

  20. Kind Soul says

    WOW so beautiful beautiful video friend, both are so beautiful beautiful, God bless you both, thanks a lot for wonderful wonderful video s

  21. ziggs27 27 says

    Shes hot level 9000

  22. Distress DG says

    I didnt come for the thumbnail,I came for the video

  23. Jaylord Quinto says

    June 2020 still watching☺


    We are proud to be a filipino blessed with that beautiful places like El Nido. I love it…really. How i wish you could visit my place and put a mark on it. God bless!

  25. eret omalza says

    Wow so beautiful

  26. Uncut Korea says

    Great video! Just amazed by the voice sound quality you achieved everywhere in this video! RODE is that good?!

  27. Bong Biliran says

    please go in samal island in davao city

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