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  1. The M&M Kids says

    Hey great vid… come check out our international snacks taste test on our channel 😉

  2. jake baldona says

    im filipino the fish is bulad and the black is dinuguan the blood of the pig

  3. Cheryl Matildo says

    Lol I really want to eat this well i already everything here cuz im a filipino

  4. XxhappychaxX says


  5. XxhappychaxX says

    proud to be filipino actually im filipina hi crystAL

  6. Daniel Nipas says

    Balit is yummy hahaha

  7. Martina Quiambao says

    fish head interesting

  8. Gen Bernardo says

    The taho isn’t prepared correctly. I’m Filipino by the way. It’s not supposed to be milk, it’s supposed to be caramelized brown sugar. Hehehe. 😅

  9. Wissal Angel says

    0:58 I stopped my 9-5 thanks to, g r e a t e a s y p a y . c o m


    The kid say the blood of pig is not solid but is the dish of the pig blood is solid?😂😂😂 nevermind they are just kid and im fan from philipines stay safe and Godbless

  11. Castley Catherine Parol says

    2:18 srry but believe that is pigs blood I'm Philipino just saying and that is made out of pigs blood it is actually very good!

  12. Castley Catherine Parol says

    Hmmmmm y'all trying my Philipino food? I hope there's dinuguan and Adobo! My fave

  13. Bosh Beatch says

    The lil boy in black is so cute

  14. 宮園かをり says

    I only like the girl with the black sweater She''s very respectfull the others are like: EWWW, i wish i dont eat this or I HATE IT

  15. •Pinka Bear• says

    Finally :> kids with no complaining unlike the other "kids trying filipino food" it's annoying when u watch there

  16. •Pinka Bear• says

    Kids are not allowed to eat Balut >:/

  17. ItsAnnela Crystal says

    The ONLY FILIPINO DISH that i dont like is atay and balut . I eat all of the others like dinuguan, ampalaya, eggplant, puso ng saging, langka, taho. Also why the taho dont have the syrup?

  18. Erald Oghayon says

    I subscribed for the sake of that kind girl in black jacket

  19. rowane gaming says

    Ang arte nyo kainin nuo na kase

  20. Angel Olanda says

    Good luck for eating my Filipino food

  21. M Bydl says

    I'm a Filipina and I really really do love "Dinuguan" which is the "Pigs Blood"

  22. lance miner says

    thats not a taho

  23. Clint Earl Pomicpic says


  24. GG ONYX PH says

    4:32 that's we call taho

  25. Enjalin Jouron says

    I'm pilipino ..very cute

  26. reyanka brielle delos reyes says

    Balut yummy masarP

  27. Enrique San Juan says

    ernie is such a foodie! <3

  28. Enrique San Juan says

    blended dirt ROFL

  29. asdfghjkl says

    bruh the taho looks so different

  30. Levian Mar Cañete says

    They would not like the Balut without Vinegar and Salt

  31. Levian Mar Cañete says

    2:13 What the heck your a little bit smart

  32. Carmela Bauzon says

    The boy on a black sweater is so cute and not picky on foods. He tried all the foods. Can I borrow him for a day 😅😁

  33. just0412 says

    Even i'm filipino i will still not eat balut

  34. just0412 says


  35. GLITCH_Y TUBE FAN says

    I'm a pilipino kid

    I love taho
    But your taho missing like a syrup
    In the Philippines
    People buys taho in the morning
    There's a taho there's a chilli taho
    The chilli taho is cold taho

    I seen your taho has a white balls
    But the Philippines has a egg things
    It's good I'm not gonna lie

    The ingredients on the taho

    Little balls (I don't what called)
    The egg thing
    And if you want some sweet add condense milk

  36. kenneth andaya says

    blended dirt? hahaha

  37. x_taeuwu says

    The taho needs those sugar syrup

  38. Sianlucas Hernandez says

    When they ate the duck egg, it reminds me of can your pet.

  39. Sianlucas Hernandez says

    Am from the Philippines

  40. •Dreamy Punz•ッ says

    Kids: Rotten egg?!
    Me eating Balot: its not a rotten egg

  41. Thom justin Tenajeros says

    4:40 bruh shrimp?

  42. Thom justin Tenajeros says

    1:48 blended dirt? the face

  43. Nicole says

    krystal, the little boy in black sweater , and the girl in pink r so cute

  44. Sarah Jane Cortez says

    i am a FILIPINO

  45. Urvyne says

    No Judgementals allowed

  46. saveone says

    Was that supposed to be taho but there was no arnival so the kids didn't like it. That's SAD. Taho is really good. I think the kids would like it if properly made.

  47. THE SANDBOX SHOW akasands says

    I wouldn't eat that last one, too, if presented that way! That's taho but to quote the Pinoy kid, 'almost"! Did you even add the liquid sugar? This also begs the question, "Did you make sure all the foods were done properly?" Seems to me like most of the stuff they were given were stuff non-Pinoys would generally hate at first. C'mon, traumatizing kids by giving duck fetus and pig's blood and telling them that. Anyone not familiar with Pinoy food WOULD react with an eeewww…..

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