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Filipino Food 101 with Jo Koy | Sean in the Wild


Eating with Jo Koy is a lot like seeing his stand-up routine: loud, in your face, and filled with stories about his eccentric Filipino family. When it came time for Sean …


  1. Luv Bug says

    I don't eat balut too!!! How's that?

  2. Rei Vincent Bacquiano says

    Love the vid getting hungry in philippines

  3. Random Owl that is singing says

    Also another rule. You can't leave with an untouched plate.

  4. john sairo aquino says

    Here's a fact 99% of adobo made in the Philippines dont have "mushrooms" on it.

  5. Maura Woodcock says

    arroz caldo for you… egg lemon or Avgolemono for me <3

  6. Karla May C. Gentapan says

    the knife part is so true lol

  7. Julius Muertetgue says


  8. Margaret Andersen says

    I am Filipino, and I love Jo Koy❤️❤️❤️.

  9. Theresa Hecita says

    I don't care Josep, I would have kamayan that adobo

  10. jans says

    I don't like Philipino Food…Where's that Chicken Adobo???

  11. Erna Taitague says

    Loved this!

  12. myrwell dellosa says

    josep!! why you dont eat balut josep? you should also have him eat sinigang, kare-kare and dinuguan!! hahaha, more power, peace!

  13. Triggermappy says

    my girlfriend hates balut, but I love that shit. so messy to eat tho..

  14. Arthur Bralick says

    Where's the Lumpia!?

  15. Timothy Nicdao says

    5:11 how can not know how to use spoon and fork

  16. Matt Nobrega says

    Balut=no thanks.
    Everything else is good to go.

  17. Gabby Atencio says

    i actually like balut ..

  18. if adobo is the king of Philippine cuisine the queen will be the sinigang and the emperor comes with an apple called a lechon

  19. heide marie Cheung says

    We use knife as Weapon! 🤣😅😂🤣😂

  20. Kyle Oris says

    I hate seeing balut's chick as well, but love eating it. Let me tell you what you should've done. Crack it, drink the dew, then shove it up in your mouth all at once without looking at it. You can't even to tell which is the chick or the yolk once it's inside your mouth. It's a party of flavours, trust me. I remove the 'bato' part tho.

  21. Faid's Gourmet says

    Great to know that you choose to try Filipino food

  22. Logencito says


  23. The Tiny Man says

    It's so painful watching them eat Halo-Halo. It wasn't thoroughly mixed. Arggh

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