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  1. Jerseylife says

    the triceps dumble extension i'm having trouble with it i can't get the momentum of it. Thanks sis for showing us your program πŸ™‚

  2. People & Places says

    Well done sissy

  3. People & Places says

    chada kaa ka hairtyle sis oy

  4. People & Places says

    U sexier now sissy gwapa

  5. People & Places says

    Sige sis paningkamot jud hehe


    Naku sis time is running, ako di na ako aabot sa oras pag ganyan, buti Ikaw marami oras na nagawa mo, cguro pag ako mag fitness hindi pa mangalahati walee na

  7. Ang galing talaga ni Mark as your trainer sis, full watched and ads, likedπŸ‘β€οΈβœ… 50. Have a wonderful sunday to both of you😊

  8. Lion Heart says

    Sexy Great workout

  9. Denise's Orchid Paradise says

    you are working hard, keep it up, bikini weather is around the corner!

  10. Denise's Orchid Paradise says

    great work out, you are really toning up, looking good!

  11. Jero Moon says

    wow you really did great πŸ™‚

  12. Alfredo L2 says

    Wow, it's so fantastic and super. Lieke!

  13. People & Places says

    U r doing great sissy,
    Very addictive isnt it

  14. Lady LizaMary says

    Go sis!!! You're motivating me <3

  15. SunFlower Slots says

    Great work out Naomi. We might have to do it after the holidays. Thanks for inspire us. Big thumbs up 50 πŸ’–πŸ’–

  16. HutchensPinay Mom says

    great exercise sissy! wish i can do that which is impossible… reason why ur body is physically fit and sexy sissy! Godbless

  17. BROTHER TV says

    what a strong woman.napakalusog.merry christmas.nakipag barbell narin ako.pki sama narin ako sa fitness.thanks

  18. Desiree Ajoc Wheat says

    Wonderful and walng humpay na workout sis…nood lng ko hanggang matapos

  19. Fil British family vlogs says

    Tripes pull down Mukhng heavy nga tlga te
    Namis ko n din mg.gym
    Upper body pla winoworkout mo te
    Hndi p ako nkatry mgdump bell
    Hiningal kna te
    Galing galing next year body goals kna jod
    Liked it ate
    Keep flexing

  20. IchiAMV says

    πŸ”₯ Wonderful workout πŸŽ πŸ‡πŸ–οΈ Happy Merry Christmas. , super like #47 πŸ”₯

  21. Great work out and inspired me this month, never trained as much on a weekly basis since my operation, in September and feeling back to normal now, so thank you for that. Like and full watch, cheers Alan

  22. Silver Linings Vlog says

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

  23. Light 'em Up Outdoors says

    Lean, mean, Filipino Machine! Those were some great upperbody lifts!

  24. Aziz Karachi Group says

    nice 44

  25. GripCity Gaming says

    Amazing workouts here friend! I'm getting back into fitness as well and followed along for the full video!

  26. Hoa Kα»³ NgΓ y Nay says

    You give us inspiration


    While the ad is on I'm reading comment
    Whose with me? Tara akap mo ako Kasi lamig lamig na

  28. Julia Beauty and Style says

    Yeah! Adding more weight is no no for me lol! Am okay with the previous ones! Your hair seems is adding length.

  29. AB's Kitchen Recipes & Vlogs says

    Awesome video of your Fitness regimen. Like 43. Watched fully

  30. Shine Weather says

    Wow ikaw na jud gwafs body builder na kaayo gwafs

  31. Jacob Loehne says

    Hello here showing support

  32. Purple Rain's Vlog says

    Strong sexy woman

  33. Purple Rain's Vlog says

    Strong sexy woman

  34. MAMA CATHY says

    Yung tricep pag ako makakaya ko kaya.

  35. Ang Lakas naman. Go Girl πŸ’• keep it up

  36. Hamida Qayyum says

    LIKE 40
    Hello Naomi, Wonderful upload my friend. That is good for health.
    Pretty Great for fitness and body building. You inspire and motivate me.

  37. T-HOUSE says

    You are very beautiful and strong. Have a nice weekend.

  38. Fine Art of Cooking says

    Your training is getting tougher but you're doing it. Bravo, my friends.

  39. Silver Linings Vlog says

    great exercise
    wonderful routine
    keep it up
    God bless u
    Please stay in touch

  40. Alcatraz Eleochestra says

    Hello Naomi, wow! great upload my friend. That is good for health. I know what you do it was right. I had a friend, he is a Malaysian Chinese, long time ago he is very fat, and now his body is very pretty and slim because he always go to gym.

  41. Fitness with Meg says

    Great workout! You did great!

  42. curious cuisines says

    L 34
    Great workout video 😊
    Nice sharing πŸ‘πŸ»

  43. ansha j says

    fuly watchd my dear sty in tch

  44. Looking great dear….. Nice video πŸ‘ŒπŸ‘Œ

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