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Filipino designer's futuristic fashions hit NY Fashion Week


  1. Penielle Channel says

    Sayang nabihisan sana nya si Pia at Catriona

  2. Leon Esperanza says

    Coming from a country na walang fashion. Ouch naman😂😂

  3. Count of Monte Cristo says

    si Furne One naman sa Germany's Next Top Model. Hosted by Heidi Klum. Cary Santiago dressed Gazini Ganados and the entire Duterte family.

  4. Slime Boss says

    I walked for Rocky Gathercole in NYFW FALL 2018. It was the best experience of my life.

  5. zach logan says

    Sobra ako natawa ng sinabi nya na “coming from a country without fashion”😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 I was like, are you serious? So you mean mga badoy mga tao sa pilipinas? Hahahhhhahahahaha sana wrong choice of word lang sya hahahahhahaa

  6. Jose C ferro says

    Esse Design das estrelas um gênio uma criatividade peculiar

  7. Eamiguel, Xyra says

    Loved his designs

  8. sarah stephenson says

    i love the use of the gold, it's super historic (makes me think of pre-colonial philippines)

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