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  1. Sammy Ritz says

    Filipinos I love your language and culture 😭🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳

  2. Joseph Velasco says

    You will see and feel the real Filipino culture in the countrysides, in the provinces. People in the cities have changed a lot.

  3. Jonathan Scoli says

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  4. Giovanni Monsanto says

    Or Bayan muna bago sarili.

  5. Giovanni Monsanto says

    We are just warm inside and out. Because we been thaught of saying, country first before self.

  6. Nilda Ochea says

    So glad you appreciate our culture … Thank you always!😇

  7. NV No1 says

    Sounds like they don’t need missionaries.

  8. Moose Moose says


  9. A Kaye says

    Part of the reason in their perspective the Filipinos are so nice and etc is because they are foreigners and Caucasian. It’s a different story if you’re a fellow Filipino

  10. Rodel Pinlac says

    Hakuna matata 😂

  11. Christopher Mendoza says

    I love this video. Thanks for the appreciation in the Filipino culture. 🙂

  12. Nandz Javier says

    All souls day in the philippines traditionaly we go to our love ones graveyard and we will clean their graveyard and will paint it. And all our cousins from all father sides and mother side meet each other because they also visit. After we eat together. Put a tent in there and have some lunch. Others are weird because they are so attached with thier love ones. That's why they literally come up with thier foods to offer for their decease.

  13. bisik inting says

    Thanks guys for appreciating our pilipino cultures you're very welcome to philippines all the time GOD bless all of you

  14. Lex Vlogger says

    I just say this.. Hihi they described us as a clown.. A funny one.. Hahahahha

  15. li li says

    Thank you for apreciating our culture….

  16. Foxybeatrix Kiddo says

    pilipino ako,kahit mahirap ang buhay ko ang importante ay mahal ko ang pamilya ko
    mabuhay pilipino yeeey

  17. Michael Angel says

    Philippines is a beautiful country only when you have tons of money. But for most part, it's anus of asia

  18. Harriet Magente says

    Thank you so much from the Philippines! Pointing to someone is rude and you might be pointing to a soul if you point to a place that is why we use lips ahahahah

  19. elaine says

    most of these people are white, and everything the first guy said was probably how the filipino people treated him. that’s because filipinos looooooooooove white people and anyone with lighter skin.

  20. Reynaldo Dizon says

    Who are these gentle, ever-loving and always caring  little warm-hearted humanoids?  With all their difficulties and imperfections, they're still rediculously happy. From what distant star did they come from?

  21. Chic Francisco says

    It is great to hear how you appreciate the Filipinos. Thank you.

  22. Van Allen says

    because filipino culture teaches them to love and like white foreign people or Asian foreign people as long they are white color skin that is why even this japanese foreign guy had sex with 12000 young and underage filipina women here's the link https://edition.cnn.com/2015/04/09/asia/japan-philippines-school-principal-underage-sex/index.html

  23. Matthew Shanks says

    Escorts is way less money than traveling to the Philippines!

  24. Shepherd1 Bak2b6 says

    ,,,collectivistic,whaha,,i like dat!😂😂😂

  25. CoolCat says

    those spanish misionaries are so sweet

  26. Gail Remudaro says

    Thank you for the kind and sweet words. You guys make me miss home. We moved to the US ages ago so when I do go back to visit, I feel the same way you do.

  27. Debbie David says

    Thank you guys for having good things to say about the Philippines .it s image has been tarnished outlandish for corruptions ,crimes,etc.only manny pacquiao,beauty queens, multi talented artist put our country on the map of the world.I am glad though you re foreigners you serve as ambassadors of good will.

  28. Salie Caparida says

    That's right Filipino's is kind and amazing

  29. Leeann Marie says

    We love you guys !

  30. Mo Dabdoub says

    I love pilipino people

  31. Judd Jacob says

    I think you're saying too much positive. This is the Philippines, we're used to negative comments from foreigners. Negative is the norm, positive sounds like a joke and makes us feel abnormal.

  32. Maricar Sanchez says

    Many of the opinions of the Filipinos of the missionaries are those from the provinces or remote areas.

  33. star fish says

    You guys must watch the ORIGIN of Filipinos and the Land itself on "The God Culture". This video series will explain deeply why Filipinos are the way they are you're saying here. God Bless. 🙂

  34. Jerry Pescadero says

    You may have to consider that there are differences between those in urban areas and those in the countryside. Those in the big cities may tend to more impersonal and distant while those in the countrysides may tend to be more "open" and caring.

  35. ariel escamillas says

    thanks guys! may God blesses you all.

  36. Anatalia Pesana says

    Lea Schemes you are a troll….you have no place here.

  37. cris cagaanan says

    tinood singgitan lang namo among kaila bisag layo sya basta makita singgitan lang or kamayan in ana ra mi like this……"hoy kumusta……asa man ka…..mag unsa ka…..bla bla bla hahahahahaha
    true we love Americans because Americans r also friendly f u know our history before.

  38. I'm Just Someone. says

    im filipino

  39. reia adda says

    Hearing those things they said its makes me proud to be filipina!!

  40. 1:09 it's because you're caucasian

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