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  1. Qcumber says

    Obviously, "let's eat" just means "hi". It's probably due to the influence of Chinese "chi fan le ma?" (Have (you) eaten?). Ditto "where are you going?" just means "hi".

  2. Isaiah Ayala says

    He just calls filipinos raccoon, when waking up in the middle of the night lol

  3. Bigtombowski 🇮🇱 says

    Do you share a house with your inlaws? Love your vids. Cheers. Tom.

  4. faith morales says

    Aahhahaha,sinabi mo pa Kuya.

  5. Tugas Services says

    I love your location.

  6. Gerrard Centeno says


  7. Bill says

    not sure what they do with the 7th pork chop…what happens to it?  Since everyone enjoys the meat….doesn't it make more sense to divide it 6 ways….everyone gets one more mouthful of that delicious meat?   Maybe you can ask your wife why?? no one wants to discuss what to do with the last piece….shame??….maybe 4 people are full and the last 2 people can split the pork chop.  I don't get it…………………..

  8. Bill says

    ok…so will it be effective to tape a note to the container of pudding sating "don't touch" or…"this is dads"??? or will Filipinos be offended at that?? The other thing I don't understand (as with many Filipino things lol) is the first part of the video…."Let's eat",,,,,,I can sort of understand it if you were talking about going to strangers house….but you are referring to FAMILY in that section of the video.  So if you really analyze this action honestly….it seems like a false sense of generosity….because the person does not REALLY mean it….they Expect that you should decline…it is a false set of manners/generosity.   "Let's eat" but be sure you say no because I don't really mean "lets eat".  UGHHHHSome things in the culture are almost impossible to understand

  9. Alan Wood says

    Great ! Interesting ,amusing and informative !! Keep them coming !!!

  10. Chris in Cebu says

    Great video Bill, and everything you said is very true. Looking forward to part 2…

  11. Philippines - Darrell Cheeks says

    So true, 90% of the time when they say "Let's eat" (Tagalog: Kain na) they really don't mean it…..Hmmmm, my Filipino kids and their friends have no problem taking the last piece…. Gotta love the mid night snack.

  12. Expat N Training says

    I'm loving, The Raccoon Effect! Volume is excellent on my Apple TV. Thank you, sir!

  13. mercxmorris says

    Hahahaha. You had me chuckling throughout your entire video – like you, I've been the only white-guy member of a Filipino family for many years, and you hit all those points dead on! I always answer the "let's eat" with "thanx very much (maraming salamat) but I just ate", which seems to get everyone off the hook.

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