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  1. Such a beautiful lady

  2. Jonathan Mendoza says

    She's so gorgeous. She was assigned to our ward way back 2014 ❤

  3. BadWolf I create myself says

    I'm sponsoring a child in the Philippines and I hope to meet him one day, he's turning 11 years old soon and I hope to meet him within the next few years. I've been reading and looking up videos on his culture and some of the traditions and things that I'd see if I ever did get to meet him like I hope, and this video along with some others have greatly helped so thank you 😊

  4. Tin Nguyen says

    Thank you so much for this useful data! Greatly appreciated.

  5. You're so simple yet so pretty. Thanks for appreciating my country.

  6. Jonalyn Pementel says

    Wow galing mo ma'am speak tagalog a,…Very nice Tagalog ,.. THANKS YOU so much too for Appreciating with me FILIPINO ma'am,..I love you so much, GOD BLESS,..👊👊👊👊👊👊🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏❤❤❤❤❤❤👍👍👍👍👍👍🤝🤝🤝🤝🤝👏👏👏👏👏👏

  7. Jasper Jayme says

    you're so cute…

  8. Chan Xperia says

    She is so gorgeous OMG ♥

  9. Kutong Lupa says

    Wow she's so adorable.😍😍😍

  10. Gerry Bucayan says

    Ganda ng crush ko😍

  11. Joseph sulit says

    Hi…sister, i am filipino gusto kita.. I love you..i want to marry you.

  12. Deep diver says


  13. Eddie Murray says

    Yes they know how to be hospitable and share but they also know how to steal and lie so be nice but be cautious.

  14. balort santa says

    Love your necklace.

  15. Goma328 says

    About the food, the first offer is usually just a polite offer, and you're expected to politely refuse (otherwise, you'd sound greedy and downright tacky). A second offer, or further insistence, are genuine offers – this time it would probably be harder to refuse unless you can come up with some excuse not to (eg, you've just eaten or you need to go somewhere), otherwise you would sound rude (aka you don't like the food they're offering). It's more nuanced that it actually is.

  16. AMGuKEY says

    tao po means anybody at home

  17. Koli Palu says

    grabe nakakamiss talaga ang Pilipinas.. mabuti talaga lagat ang mga ibinahagi ni Sister.. agpintas isuna..

  18. William Larson says

    Thanks for sharing this. Am not a missionary but plan on traveling to the PI sometime soon. Your experience, knowledge about their people, customs, land & culture greatly appreciated.

  19. Guitar Dave says

    Thank you for this , a lot of knowledge here .

  20. renei aquino says

    you are 100% right Sister.😊🙏🙏🙏

  21. Vladimir says

    arte hahaha taw pow? 😂😂😂

  22. Group-N says

    The thing about the generosity is a bit more ambiguous than depicted in this vid. Ironically If you refuse food you could very well be considered as rude, but you could actually be seen as greedy when you say yes!….and let's not forget the drama with the last bite! 😛

  23. Mark Ryan Saddi says

    Haha this is great… Philippines did miss you much.

  24. Dan Clark Limarez says

    I've been amazed. I didnt know these missionaries appreciated it because it is just a norm. Been watching this for a while once i visit philippines ill set up feast for these missionaries. Whatever religion they are. Ill post it here once ready. We rarely get mormon missionaries in Caloocan though.

  25. Kirinkinkongkoy says

    When I was a kid I honestly thought mormon missionaries are just american business man because of their ties hahaha and we will always be like "Americano , Americano" We always get excited and We always wonder where are their office at hahaha and they are so nice they even do the high five with us when we we're younger. So thats a funny memory for me.

  26. Kirinkinkongkoy says

    hahaha the fireworks thing..

  27. rednalem Aznalb says

    When was this? and where have you been ? what part of the Philippines? I wish you could go to Manabo,Abra…a place where methodists and baptists used to be abound but now Iglesia ni Cristo and Catholicism overcome them. My family is mehodist but nowhwere to go on Sundays.

  28. Nima Wangchuk says

    I really adore Philipino people and their culture.I hope I can visit this beautiful country to get "drunk" and participate in "fireworks". Great tips.thank you

  29. Andrei BP says

    Are u coming to Romania ? I will become uber religious if u do 😀 :))

  30. Amalika Fau says

    "a firework shot into someone's house, you'll get fun experiences like that."

  31. Nikita Wheeler says

    I'm English an live in England but I'm moving to the Philippines so thanks this really helped!

  32. KaZ says

    What's her name? She's gorgeous.

  33. crewcutter2030 says

    Oh, you dont need make up, your cute just the way you are.

  34. mrkiliglove says

    You are so pretty you can also pass for filipino meztiza, meaning filipino with spanish blood. Im glad you got to go to the Philippines.

  35. zee man says

    sister please convert me right away.. hehe

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