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  1. What's up Philippines says

    We always see stunningly beautiful Filipino Celebrities on Social Media and TV but how do they look without Make-Up? Off topic but have you received the notification for this video?

  2. Erold Derramas says

    Plzzzzz react to hari ng tondo the asiong salonga story

  3. Nysguy Dsynth TV says

    Nice video, more reaction vlogs and more power, can you also try to consider to react in a video entitled "Pantry in Benguet before the Covid 19" by Nysguy Dsynth. A family of the bride and groom gives food to wedding attenders.

  4. SW Hack of Life says

    Please make a reaction video on this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CrA0PfweJhQ&t=339s

  5. Mac Bosita says

    React to famous hollywood celebreties and singers filipino

  6. Natty Pastrana ( Smarmy) says

    Kathryn Bernardo

  7. Elvira Valero says

    Even without make up you are beautiful !!!

  8. Cristelita Niña Buella says

    BEA ALONZO!!!!!

  9. Mimi Jin says

    clouth chasers

  10. Angela Senining says

    Sarah Geronimo and Ivana Alawi

    I consider them VERY beautiful

  11. Jocelyn Llanes says

    react react lang sa mga Pinoy kaching kaching na tong mga to. kahit di naman sincere ang reaction.

  12. Irene Dagami says

    Just an insight: there is a reason for celebs/ tv personalities to wear make up. It's because they are constantly under the glare of stage lights and it makes you appear sallow/unhealthy pallor in front of the screen. Moreover, it's really hot so you tend to sweat over time and the light reflects on wet skin. It's something I learned from a documentary.

  13. BGYO ppop says

    Plss reaction video to pilipino young celebrities♥️

  14. Irish Heaven says

    The first one that remove her makeip is kc consiption

  15. ALA NYE says

    Pls do reaction to kathryn bernardo

  16. Joseph Elizaga says

    Whats the red marks on the Ms.Universe girl?

  17. Dante Malla says

    Just like Nelly, most Filipinas shine with natural beauty on their "good morning" smiles. 😊

  18. vanessa c says

    One secret nelly is go to the beauty skin clinic, most artist do. The popular one is aivee clinic and belo. But i guess you dont need that your such a natural beauty!

  19. Llona Ymasa says

    Nelly is very beautiful inside and out!👌🏼

  20. Jhonny bersame says

    Really you don't have make-up since november last year ?! As george would fondly say " bloody insane " hehejeje !!!! You really don't need make-up ! You have natural beauty in you !!!!

  21. vilma may-os says

    hahaha, both of you don't understand what is seing. 😜😜

  22. Johnmon Mabulis Escora says

    Kathryn Bernardo 💕

  23. lei says


  24. Ronilo Nonato says

    mike and nally try to watch tubabao odyssey: refege in the philippines

  25. Keysha Jane Dacles says

    KATHRYN BERNARDO is Beautiful and Natural Look 😊
    She's The Box Office Queen in Philippines 🤗
    Please 🙏 do react her and his Partner Daniel Padilla 😊🙏🙏

  26. Vi Buaron says

    Casa Uccelo react vid

  27. Vi Buaron says

    DJ Big Boy Cheng House tour

  28. Dindo Sebastian says

    Please react to ROCKABYE Clean Bandit ft. Sean Paul & Anne Marie PARODY | DON'T BE SHY |
    Mikey Bustos https://youtu.be/JzOpubO52bE thanks

  29. Dindo Sebastian says

    Please react to Bodak Farmer | Cardi B – 'Bodak Yellow' Parody https://youtu.be/-e_wmV-Nkqg

  30. Dindo Sebastian says

    Please react to Circumcising Me | Stay With Me (Filipino Sam Smith Parody) https://youtu.be/MegtR8uKDeU thanks

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