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  1. Mr. Tope says

    ang cute ni alodia

  2. MassZERO says

    Manyak!! Hehehe!

  3. CSElena Project says

    Masyadong natural – I was laughing the whole time! 😁

  4. Rj says

    Alodia knows all gen 1 pokemon evolutions.. not surprising, pokemon was once a very famous game, toy, show, plays… and Alodia being the cosplay goddess LOL

  5. Levi Junio says

    hahaha.. nice one

  6. John Christopher Santos says

    hahaha pusa walking Pokédex😂🤣 si senpai Alodia

  7. James Gomez says

    "7:34" This part always gets me 😂😂😂😂😂

  8. zack mendez says

    Thailand.Is land😂

  9. Gerald Eusebio says

    Theory 👌

  10. BlueSkint says

    I need somee watahhh

  11. Hapipepz Tobi says

    Napamura ako sa pagsasabi ni Alodia ng about sa Pokemon. Saulado ko din ang mga evolution ng bawat Pokemon pero hindi ganyan kabilis. Mag-iisip pa ko ng kung anong sunod. Ay kagaling mo Miss Alodia! Hi Wil!

  12. LHeCeL MuNoZ says

    Buffalo is baffalo

  13. Lenzly Tiqui says

    wil kamukha mo si shia labeouf 😍😘


  14. Diomel Carcellar says

    The guy: what do you call your sexiest accent?

    The Girls : It's called KA-ARTEHAN

  15. Dandroid the observer block says

    5:48 me:fish

  16. Bala1boy says

    Read the word “forever”

  17. kulapupanoy says

    Grabi memoryado ni ma'am Alodia lahat ng pokemon 😅

  18. Lunar Scorpio says

    So the cute accent is the konyo accent?


    Mali sabi ni ate alodia ng durable saamin dorable hinde jurable

  20. Piper25 says

    You made the commercial for DVR Pink in Los Angeles Congratulations

  21. Mimi Alforque says

    sometimes they make fun of me coz i usually say "P" when it's "F" and "F" if it's "P" 😂😂😂😂😂 sometimes lang nmn hahaahha

  22. Lincoln Eyar says

    The buh un part is so funny HAHAHAHAHA 🤣🤣

  23. Victor jr Alarcio says

    Panis si kuya will sa pokemon.

  24. dionisio aberasturi says

    Kuton kendi

  25. Cant_Spell08 says

    A fuckin lie. We do not have sexiest accent

  26. MoodyBabbles says


  27. Jhay Galzote says

    Do this challenge w/ Cong TV

  28. Vien Bonita says

    Part 2 pls…. it's so fun😅🤣

  29. Mario & Jennaiah says

    Yes Filipino accent sounds great indeed guys i know for sure

  30. Mario & Jennaiah says

    Hahahaha good one guys new here

  31. khalel khaled says


  32. Jessilyn Lu says

    This reminds me of an Asian “fresh off the boat” guy trying to ask a store clerk for cotton balls…I had to finally step in and translate…Here’s some more words that I had to relearn when I moved to the states…furniture, caterpillar, solar, brother, spheres, Sagittarius

  33. igme 010 says

    Daisy of momoland is from canada, he pronounce intestine as inteestayn

  34. Kalii Playz says

    I love your accent
    say it again


  35. SERVER GAMER says

    VI YOU KO hehe

  36. That was hilarious! But daym! Alodia knows so much bout pokemons! Gg! Lol! 😅

  37. John Maynard Inso says

    Damn Ate Alodia is so cuitie😍♥️

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