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Feeling the Filipino Love ❤️ We're on ABS-CBN News! Foreigners on Lockdown in El Nido Philippines.


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  1. Delightful Travellers says

    We still can't believe we made National News! 🇵🇭Hit that like button and Subscribe for more. If you'd like to support us on Patreon click here 👉 https://www.patreon.com/delightfultravellers 🙏Stay Delightful – Anna & Trevor

  2. oddie sevilla says

    I always watched your vlog,ENJOY & STAY SAFE GUYS !!

  3. Eugene Javillo says

    Stranded in a beautiful paradise with
    a friendly dog. No regret.

  4. Benjie B says

    I had to replay the section where the dog seemed to have been reunited with her long lost owners!

  5. Goldilocks 69 says


  6. eva Diaz says

    Nice couple😊

  7. darrell peters says

    Hey guys we are a couple of Cape Bretoners…living in Southern Ontario….loving your videos keep them coming…stay safe…viv

  8. A Jme says

    Quintessential Canadians – polite, professional,good-natured. Enjoy your stay over there while it lasts.

  9. Bong Bong says

    Abs cbn no no no to me.

  10. Alex Sabado says

    Damn! Guys you are so lucky lockdown in such beautiful places I rather quarantine in a paradise like yours instead of spending in the concrete jungle with no freedom at all.

  11. sgtjoe2008 says

    looks like that dog really missed you both, she was super excited to see you guys!

  12. KING s LEY says

    Wow congrats thats ABS CBN one of the biggest TV station 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

  13. Norman Benedicto says

    Take care guys

  14. Leon NGG says

    Road to 100k this year,stay safe and god bless you both🇵🇭🇮🇹.

  15. Rene Cruz says

    New subscriber here from Toronto, happy / jealous to know you’re lockdown in an amazing place like El Nido. Few Canadian bloggers are also in the Philippines ( Becoming Filipino, Brett Maverick and Fearless & Far /back in New Brunswick now) Soon you will be back home, enjoy the rest of your stay in beautiful El Nido.

  16. Martin Montilla says

    Keep safe,enjoy your stay in our country

  17. Zomer Ochavillo says

    Enjoyed watching and listening to you guys, youre awesome and inspiring! Stay cool!

  18. MrRockduke says

    alright lets get that RED HORSE in the next vid 😀 😀

  19. Roadside Travels Vlog says

    Stay safe and have fun..

  20. PapaJay WeAreOne says

    Have fun staying here in Philippines. Bless you both.💗🙏

  21. Artjazz World says

    I think the dog knows that you are famous now. That's why she's happy meeting you.

  22. youtube monitor says

    Love 💖 the beach

  23. Nick Ducusin says

    I hope being stranded here in the Philippines doesn’t keep you from coming back when things get better. Because of you and a handful of others , I get inspired to travel and the Philippines has always been at the top of my list. Keep up the great work and keep grinding awY. Is there a beginner Vlogging camera you can recommend ? Thanks for everything 👏👌👍🙏

  24. manchowyin says

    ABS-CBN is still on the web. So they have not really completely disappeared.


    Take care alwAys!

  26. Rodolfo Caroc says


  27. Eats Jeremy says


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