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  1. Filipina and Polish vlogs says

    I love how our Music evolves.🇵🇭💕 Ang simple lng ng mga songs dati more on hataw sayawan

  2. julie says

    we would’ve had our own language symbols and our language would sound completely different,we would have tribal tattoos and more..thanks spain..and all the other countries that decided to invade a whole country..

  3. Roni says

    The effects of the two major colonizations 🙃

  4. Andi Holik Ramdani says

    ohhh.. our Malay family who lost their cultural identity.. :'(

  5. ZERO GAMING says

    If we dont colonized we still using alibata characters

  6. Nicholas Anderson says

    What is the song in the initial part of the video? 0:010:05

  7. Carl Adrienne Santos says

    What movie was that? The band fron the 1950s

  8. Goaty 101 says

    Whats the 70’s song name

  9. Carlo Bautista says

    Toinks. Nasobrahan sa social engineering kinalaunan

  10. Philippine Representative says

    Spanish + Pacific Islander + Catholicalism = Filipino

    Americans removed our essence of being Filipino except for Catholicalism

  11. Philippine Ball says

    1970s is the best year of the Philippines also the Marcos era

  12. Maria Luna Tugot says

    Can we just bring back those old days where Girls can be wear like this?I really feel sad after watching this,i really feel sad for what happened to the new generation now🙁🙁🙁🙁

  13. 共chekwa匪 G.ò.ng_fě.i says

    Mabuhay mga kababayan!

  14. BestDuckYT says

    I’m just young and I’ve never knew this, I didn’t know that different countries want Philippines stuff to change, and btw, that 2010+ was a scene of Miss Granny at Philippines.

  15. Lia Nicole says

    Damn how cruel colonization can be

  16. Mr Flippin says

    Even i'm not born in year 1990s, it really makes me go on the nostalgic look of the philippines.

  17. Nathaniel Villapando says

    Damn seeing this makes me love my own country even more. God Bless to all. <3

  18. Erika Bellsmt says

    5:08 Whoever was born In 2006 to This Are Now considered Cringy
    -1800s Ancestors

  19. artaestic says

    when you're a filipino but you never got to wear the traditional clothing like any other countries do :(((

  20. K- Bone says

    What's the title of the song on 1930's?

  21. iMxrkus says

    istg if americans and spaniards didn't come, baybayin was our national alphabet

  22. jiboner sobta says


  23. StitchTehZombie says

    from the 30's filippino fashion basically paralelled to american fashion. I think at the moment a lot of people feel inspired by k-pop culture

  24. doremins says

    UGH! I could be wearing those cute dresses from the 1900s rn if we weren't so whitewashed

  25. blu says

    I would divide this video into 5 portions.
    The 1500s-1700s: Original Filipino, absolutely no foreign influences.
    The 1800s-1900s- Hispanicization of the Philippines, the basis of the modern Filipino culture.
    The 1900s-1950s- Somewhat Americanization of the Philippines, change of music into more American style.
    The 1950s-2000s: Independent Philippines, no more foreign influence, music still sounds American though.
    The 2010s: Music is pretty much American but with a few differences and in Tagalog.

  26. flowerfeastlouis says

    I wish it's more socially acceptable to wear traditional Filipino clothing despite it not being "Buwan ng Wika"

  27. CHIFUKI EHIME says

    I love how they dressed and there old music till now, they are all so active!

  28. フライクライFlykryy says

    Apparently the Filipino fashion today is revolving around east Asia now.

  29. Mommy Beth Pineda says

    Magsama sama tayo

  30. Ben says

    1800s: native beautiful dances

    2020: TiKtOk OmG bEsT dAnCe EvEr (worse than 1800s dances) CoMe SeE tReNdInG nOw WaTcH tilL tHe EnD oMg SeXy StUfF cOoL dRuGs DrInKinG aLcOhOl AMSR!1!1

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