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  1. Winston Rodrigues says

    Duterte is doing it right. Unlike Americans simply putting in jail.

  2. Sena Jeon says

    THOSE CANDIDATES WON AND GOD THEY FUCKED UP OUR GOVERNMENT. They are trying to push for the Anti-Terror Bill which is a clear violation of our freedom of speech.

  3. rosalind says

    This is the reality of politics in the philippines. The people never learn that is why the country never improved.

  4. gg taruc says

    I know you are a comedian and that's about it. Before you mouth off about Duterte maybe you should try living in the Philippines and appreciate what Duterte has to deal with. I dare you to live in the Philippines for one year and I guarantee you will not be singing the same tune. The problem with ppl like you is you just do this for show business. You did mention one correct thing. Duterte has the support of the majority of Filipinos.

  5. Fralite says

    You caught me in your politic comedies and now you have my attention and subs. Probably I'll even check the netflix

  6. Eclair says

    It's sad that Ressa now has been convicted. t's like the Philippine government is continually killing the democracy here.

  7. Gwen A says

    Personally, I think that the reasons behind Duterte's excellent approval rating is that the Filipinos are tired of idle administrationsa d they have hope that Duterte will fianlly change how the PH is governed. Afterall he was this underdog, a mayor from Davao City, a PROVINCE IN MINDANAO, who has 'improved' the situation in that city to the point where it was considered one of the safest cities in the world, meanwhile, the National Capital Region is being overseen by oligarchs who do virtually nothing to improve the conditions there. Majority of the Filipinos don't have confidence in Democracy anymore because of how flawed the system is; the same few family has remained in control for decades. Essentially, the only thing that 'changed' after the end of the Marcos regime is the rhetoric and perception of democracy and human rights, even that many are slowly beginning to see as a sham. So you're right, there's no denying how flawed Duterte is but many would argue with you that at least he's actually doing something and that's more than what can be said about all the administrations that came before him.

  8. Gwen A says

    If you think the election of those three senators are crazy, you should read about this senaotr named Bong Revilla, he was incarcerated on graft and corruption charges but he still won by airing an ad of him dancing!

  9. Gwen A says

    Please do an update Hasan! Do more about the Philippines, I'd love to listen to your perspective on Duterte and the Democracy in our country.

  10. Zitte -zen says

    It's really sad this year when disastrous events happen we get this kind of president.

  11. abhilash sharma says

    The journalist is the Barkha Dutt version of Philippines ..
    Hypocrite pseudo anti national .. 🖕🖕🖕🖕

  12. REX 225 says

    Ew man stop deleting comments, so lame

  13. aidrielle says

    i love rewatching this video just to further realize how fucked up my country is lmao i TRULY hate it here

  14. MAEMARA says

    8 minutes is the duration for speaker's speech in debate, if only i can squeeze in this much information..

  15. kai jake says

    Kingpins alive lol
    Check how many politician and polices killed because they are known drug kingpins 😂

  16. kai jake says

    LOL I'm a big fan of you bruh
    But no… you have no clue what is happening back in Philippines

  17. RalphRare7 says

    Greetings from the Philippines!

  18. deathseeker6 says

    I'm a Filipino but this is comedy gold! And to add, since I watched this during covid-19 outbreak, we are rising to aim top1……..in active cases and we have a looooooooot of debt

  19. Mr.LegendsXD Posting says

    Damn I'm kinda disappointed at my own people and the fact that they believe he's doing what's right. He's absolutely not, its a violation of Human Rights to be shot when you're just snorting cocaine.

    – A Filipino with a Brain

  20. "Collateral Damage" Isn't it a term that American Bomber's, Soldiers and Policemen from America use to avoid lawsuits and Human rights? Why judge our country when your own does the same? What if we both cooperate to do the same. If you fix your problem we may admire you and try to fix our's. I don't know if that can work because I am just spewing random words on YouTube.

  21. Lauliet Eckx says

    Man… Your so wrong man… You got info from those people whos ruining philippines since the dawn of time…. Damn man…

  22. Ah yes, who could ever forget BONGO and THE ROCK

  23. X-Kid says

    I wish this was longer 🇵🇭

  24. Shiro says

    Lets be real here, media is politically bias against duterte, no matter what he do, the media will turn it into a negative thing

  25. ff trashhero says

    Uhmm.. any update for this now? I guess california has cheapest meth now?

  26. Your Mom and Dad says

    Going back to this after 1 year. What a shitshow of an administration. Incompetent too in handling the covid-19 crisis. At the same time, they try to silence critics and increase debt.

  27. Youtube User says

    does the truth hurt mga putanginang dds kayo?

  28. Uddipan Mondal says

    lol al jazeera for unbiased news ? lol

  29. Uddipan Mondal says

    Unlike americans asians dont careabout delusional freedom but they care about real development that keeps thier stomachs full. Freedom wont feed someones family would it?

  30. Migui Dela Cruz says

    And it's still getting worst right now. They are planning to pass a bill called the Anti-Terrorism Bill which is so vaguely thought out it is susceptible for abuse. Especially abuse from the Police Force. Even with the Pandemic, Duterte's top priorities are to silence his critics and those who dare to oppose his regime.

  31. Miriam Sapillar says

    So currently those three definitely made it to the senate and are pushing the anti-terrorism bill which is another way of arresting activists and individuals who criticize the government.

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