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  1. Erwan Heussaff says

    My apologies for the reupload guys, we had to change some stuff! Hope you like the video. If you like the shirt i'm wearing the Manila Street Food shirt, please go on to http://www.merchby.ph its out now!!! while stocks last.

  2. Patricia Ann Lapada says

    how i miss my country. i hope this covid will end soon so i can visit again and EAT all of these!!! ahahah

  3. Lord Michael says

    Watching again during Covid-19

  4. Cj Ilustrisimo says

    Ugh. These food.

  5. Anna Maria says

    So basically, his term for any sweetened street food is "caramelized". Sosyal, lol!! 😂

  6. Jandrake Samonte says

    Erwan im so proud of u d k madiriin s food nmn mga pinoy

  7. karenn joy calosa says

    How do you wear glasses? I know not how to wear eye glasses. I just thought its an accessory like you do but i checked my eyes and got prescription glasses and have no idea what works and what nots.

  8. Jel Villafuerte says

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    and kindly like/watch my new vlog up on my channel https://youtu.be/NI2UOxQa19k Thank you so much 😊🙏🏻

  9. OMG! I honestly missed our street food! wow! thank you for sharing!

  10. Kenneth Jordan says

    On a really really tight budget, I survived the university off streetfoods. Lol. Fishballs and isaw while cramming for the finals, and Mang Tootz' turon during lunch break. Take me back to Pinas already.

  11. Kylene Turingan says

    Galing galing magvlog! Daig pa c anthony bourdain!

  12. john rubinas says

    your pronunciation is so on point it makes me happy

  13. undying says

    Showed street food {NetFlix} to my Moroccan and Canadian friends I was so disappointed, I should have watch it first lmao.

  14. AMM0beatz says

    Love this episode. I support street food because it promotes income for the locals and mostly culinary innovation. And its alot more healthier than fastfood.

  15. junewheng13 javi says

    Why not try cooking ilocano dishes??

  16. Shengbot Fam says

    Nung nagsimula akong magwork d2 sa makati, di tlga ako kumakain ng tusok tusok dahil tingin ko madumi (opo, maarte tlga ako), ang binibili ko kc ung may cover tlga, ayon, sa unang pagkakataon nakisama ako sa mga kawork ko. Nadali tlga ako. First and last ko na tlga. Di ako nkapasok the next day, at muntik na akong mahospital. Di na uulet ng tusok tusok d2 sa city. I prefer Adidas, tenga, dugo at bbq d2 malapit sa amin. Di lang pang meryenda, ulam, pampulutan din.

  17. Bowie Wolfgang says

    I miss my country😫Thanx Erwan More power and Congrats ur gonna be a Daddy soon👏👏

  18. Anj Santos says

    Mang Raul's from the South, ftw! 😊

  19. Zandrea Amor Cruz says

    I think it is cute when you “paypay”. Haha! Nice content. How rich is our culture. ♥️

  20. Christine Cabel says

    I was a Thomasian student, but I haven’t tried Mang Tootz yet. If I’ll visit Manila (most especially in UST) soon, I’ll try Mang Tootz na.

  21. Tropical Cocoon says

    Great quality content 👌

  22. Daverly Cunahap says

    Good thing Im eating something right now. nakakagutom promise!

  23. Teresita Davis says

    Aww boo I don’t like goat 🐐 meat ~ and also duck 🦆

  24. Teresita Davis says

    Wow that’s All my favorite street food oh god it making me hungry 😋

  25. Chrizel Samsona says

    Just wonderin' do you have also a food that you hate or dislike? Hehehe

  26. Marnie Arnado says

    Amazing kuya erwan 👏 youre the best

  27. Marinette Shane Calderon says

    I only watch SUITS and your vlogs. Regardless how many times I’ve watched each and every vlogs I still want to watch it over and over again. you might want to visit Subic Erwan, and I’ll be happy to bring you to places. ☺️ More power!

  28. Kenneth says

    ready your "PIE PIE" is the best part

  29. Agent Blue says

    I studied college in UST during the the early 90s. We call this street P.Noval as Hepa Avenue, coz many students got Heppatitis eating lunch here. No joke!

  30. mickey de luna says

    you must visit RADOS LECHON in tondo like yorme isko did

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