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Duterte wants to deploy troops to Middle East to assist repatriation


  1. sagotayonsa sakatanungan says

    Spratlys pa nga Lang hirap na naisip pa tumulong sa ibang bansa

  2. Jan Sandman says

    di alam nang reporter na ito ang pinagsasabi nya. 2 battalions composed of 4k men? ni hindi halos aabot nang 1k ang dalawang battalion. ang 4k ay Brigade commanded by a senior full colonel or a junior 1 star general. pag dalawang battalion pinagsama ito'y nagiging isang Regiment commanded by a senior Lt. Col or a full Colonel.

  3. Benjamin Abanono says

    Yes send,our troops in the Middle East!!! So we,can assist our fellow American brothers in the war there.

  4. Kathleen May Lastrollo says

    Sna din po dto din sa syria😖 tulongan niu nmn po ung mga nasa loob ng embassy sa syria halos 2yrs po cla nag aantay kung kilan mapa.uwi.hanggang ngaun po umaasa sila n matulongan po cla..halos 50 plus n po sila dun..stress n din po sila dun

  5. dewirya says

    In my opinion,midle east become a play ground for every military force around the world by now.but it wasnt enough.rain forest is a truly playgroud for asian,and its full skill personal required.we all know.salut to philipino arm forces..grettings from indonesia

  6. thetruth 1 says

    how about they deploy some Marines in those little island that the Chinese military are taking over ? just a thought.

  7. Kyle Borboran Main says

    Hoy mga bubu lahat nang mga NASA middle east papauwiin sa pilipinas para di madamay sa gera

  8. Vergil [The Art of Power] says

    This is a good experience for them so they can experience it on first hand and this a win-win situation for our military once they have the experience in rural/urban and after they are returned they'll be compiling reports and start a new training.

  9. Rich Spicer says

    I have important message to the Philippines Police and the
    Philippine Army to be new The Philippine Empire and dominion against the United States is Trump and perhaps in the world by this is just the beginning of a new war
    We are strong power is Philippines that We are war is American
    says RikMichaelPoticarSpicer

  10. Jots says

    Sadly the war was cut short.

  11. Gibson Balbarada says

    One thing I noticed sa mga reporters ng cnn. They ended their video footage strong. Kudos to all CNN reporters!

  12. Ka-Tropa TV says


  13. Don donzelo says

    Bat scattered ang mga yellow leftist sa youtube,sa facebook try nyu po para ulanin kayo ng batikos hahaha,ayaw nila sa fb kasi makita personal info kasi nila,natatakot baka ma trace,mga bobo kasing mga hinayupak,western puppet.

  14. George George says

    It has been known among a vast majority of Filipinos that Paolo Duterte is Rodrigo Duterte's son. It has been known by a majority of Filipinos that Paolo Duterte has been using illegal drugs ever since BEFORE Rodrigo Duterte won the 2016 Philippine presidential election. When Rodrigo knew that Paolo has been doing a lot of these illegal drug usage and consumption, Rodrigo knew that this would ruin his own political ambitions and because of it, Rodrigo got so enraged that he vented out all of his and anger and fixed this problem of his by killing all of these drug peddlers without due process of law.

    Rodrigo Duterte was and still is the spoiled brat son of a wealthy politician in the Philippines. His father's name was Vicente G. Duterte. Vicente was a former mayor of Danao in the island province of Cebu and Vicente subsequently became the provincial governor of (the then-undivided) Davao province.

    Rodrigo Duterte was born rich and yes he definitely was a spoiled brat and he became mayor of Davao only due to the popularity of his father Vicente.

    Rodrigo finished his secondary education in the High School Department of the then-Holy Cross College of Digos (now Cor Jesu College) in today's city of Digos in the now-defunct Davao province, after being EXPELLED TWICE from previous schools, including one in Ateneo de Davao University (AdDU) High School due to his SOCIOPATHOLOGICAL BEHAVIOR AND MISCONDUCT. Here's an article that I've read on the New York times regarding his early pychological disorder:

    As a freshman at the Ateneo de Davao high school, he was fondled by an American priest, an experience he revealed only in 2015. He identified the priest as the Rev. Mark Falvey, who later moved to California and died in 1975. The Jesuit order agreed in 2007 to pay $16 million to nine people Father Falvey molested as children at a Hollywood church.

    Mr. Duterte retaliated against another priest who had punished him by filling a squirt gun with ink and spraying the priest’s white cassock, his siblings said. For that, he was expelled. He often skipped classes and likes to tell audiences that it took him seven years to finish high school.

    His misbehavior was often overlooked because of his status, family members say. “He was known as the governor’s son,” said his older sister, Eleanor Duterte."

    Here's the link where I go that statement:
    You can read for more out of that link.

    Rodrigo Duterte was born rich and yes he definitely was a spoiled brat who eventually became mayor of Davao only due to the popularity of his father Vicente.

    Rodrigo impregnated a woman and the woman bore him a son and the son's name is Paolo Duterte. Paolo ended up like his dad, a spoiled brat. Paolo got addicted to illegal drugs, yes you've read it right, illegal drugs. Rodrgo Duterte right away knew that this alone would damage his career and reputation so Rodrigo cooked up this phony campaign against illegal drugs to save his own skin. Rodrigo knew that this news about his son being an illegal drug user will surely become a hindrance to his own political ambitions so Rodrigo staged up this very dramatic and phony portrayal of him being an " enraged vigilante " to clean up his son's mess. He has been spreading this very dramatic "hate speech" towards anyone who goes against him. He is so full of histrionic drama. Rodrigo Duterte became the spoiled brat president of the Philippines by 2016 and capital punishment in the Philippines has been abolished since 2006. He has been so dramatic about about pushing his motion to the Philippine senate to reestablish capital punishment but the very well educated senators in the Philippines has been farting it all off. These well seasoned and well educated senators in the Philippine senate knew that he really is a spoiled brat so what would you expect? Rodrigo Duterte is definitely not worth a single gas molecule of my fart.

  15. AlexFerrero12 says

    Whahahahahahahaha, i cant stop laughing, send what? Where? Hahahaha. Did u forget that you dropped a bomb on your own troops? Wait, where do you actually buy your military shit, dont tell me you are making your own!!!

  16. 7z7Z says

    Donkey Kong. .

  17. TextMeMartin says

    Sa mga against sa current gov., Isang malaking FUCK YOU po sa inyo. Susunduin mga ofw kokontra pa kyong mga bwiset kayo. Magisisp-isip din na may kamag-anak kayo don. Ok? Ano gusto niyo mamatay sila doon o makauwi cla ng buhay?

  18. kerbee uwak says

    Bago mag commento alamin muna meaning ng repatriation para d ma bash

  19. Gerwin Torres says

    Kong active pa siguro ako isa ako na magbolonter sa middle east. We strike

  20. Gamer Ko says

    Media Media Media, 🤦🏻‍♂️

  21. Kristine King says

    Ingat po kau mga bayani

  22. KS Dann says

    Hehe 😝😝 wait a minute Filipino army in Middle east.
    Please Play Basketball and Leave War to other nations .

  23. John Yap says

    Since we have so many people abroad, maybe a permanent repatriation/rescue unit should be created? The Israelis have one.

  24. Mariel Labayno says

    Sa halip na mamigay ng masks dahil ng Taal eruption chinuchupa ni Duterte ang mga war leaders. Pwe

  25. PINOY Top 10 says

    To aassist the filipino people during repatriation. It is the right thing to do. Thank you PresDu30. INDI SILA SASALI SA GYERA. Wag maniwala sa bias na media.

  26. Tide Pod • 10 years ago says

    Another operation desert storm but with Filipinos

  27. AJFes12 says

    priority should be to rescue and help ofw filipinos.
    lakas nman mu deploy2 sa iran pero ung south china sea tska spratly islands wala. buti pa vietnam

  28. Mike Drop says

    These are battle hardened soldiers. Awoo!

  29. Jay Brissy says

    Bakit kpag nakita ba sila dun ng mga taga middle East alam agad ang intension nila?, baka madamay pang mga yan

  30. East The Sun says

    Hey. Be fuckin sure they don't fight. But this I can't be sure it won't happen.
    8000 fuckin soldiers?! Say 1000 in each country deployed, that's like war reinforcement level.
    Middle East governments will definitely feel nervous. This does not bode well.
    I may be being paranoid but, maybe Duterte is actually sending troops to fight under the guise of rescuing ofws in the middle East.
    But then again, 8000 troops is indeed maybe the Right number to escort our middle East ofws home because we have hundreds of thousands of ofws to relocate.
    Still, 8000 is also just the right number to battle. I pray nothing goes wrong here.

  31. Jonathan Cano says

    Hindi ba pede kunin na agad ung mga ofw habang wala pang digmaan .. wag na sana hintayin pa na magkagulo talaga bago sila kunin baka ase madamay pa ung pilipinas sa gulo nila .. mapagkamalan pa tayong kalaban

  32. leon gloro says


  33. Bryan Alfante says

    Mga bobo susunduin lang yung mga OFW, hindi sila sasali sa gera !

  34. Kurenai Yuhi says

    From Japan

  35. Virgilio Lao Muy says

    Why not use planes ? para mas mabilis just like C-130 , ilan ba C-130 ng AFP ?…by SEA matagal talaga !

  36. Tadzmahal Jumahari says


  37. justanother Bystander says

    Galing tlaga CNN. Ayusin niyo namn mga binabalita niyo

  38. Gary Sicemore says

    The Filipinos are good fighters they proved that in world war II. But if we get too many different countries in over there. And a conflict did break out well we would not want accidental bombing of allies.

  39. jonalyn lucero says

    Huwag na po kayong makisali sa gyera nila.

  40. Jerick Camus says

    We're hoping that all Soldiers and OFW's Will be home safe and Sound @Ph

  41. travel and tiktok Lagdamen says

    Hindi tayo handa sa mang ganyan wag na poh inyo isama ang mang pilipinong sundalo hindi nga natin ma tpuz ang gulo sa Mindanao sasabay Pa sa away sa dalawang bansa

  42. S_ntly says

    i hope they don't attack us pray🙏🙏🙏

  43. S_ntly says

    i hope they don't attack us pray🙏🙏🙏

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