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  1. Max McFarlin says

    I think we can all agree this is just some of the delicious foods you can eat in the Philippines. I mean I didn’t even show you all Bagoong!!!

    Making this video really made me feel like I can’t wait to get back and check out more of the northern islands, as well as dive deeper into already visited areas!

    Filipino food varies with each island and is so rich and diverse. Food isn’t just an afterthought as 5 meals a day would be a slow day of eating. Filipinos love their sour and tart flavors, as well as their grilled meats and beer. Oh, and of course you have to have the rice.

    No rice, no life. And that is something I can get behind.

    Make sure to leave a comment letting me know your favorite Filipino food as well!

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    Much love,



    Tiền mặt của tôi có trong nhà là 100 mấy chục triệu và 300 usd và 5 usd + 1 tờ tiền việt nam mệnh giá 50 triệu


    5,6 thằng đàn ông và cả gia đình bà chủ nhà trọ đánh 1 mình tôi và xô tôi từ lầu 1 xuống đập đầu vô tường nhưng tôi buộc tóc đằng sau cũng may.đánh tôi bầm mặt tay chân và cướp đồ cướp vàng cướp tiền của tôi rồi tụi nó chạy đi rồi

  4. Stevenimich Archangel says

    I personally think Filipinos make the best leche flan. It's creamier, sweeter, milkier, tastier than the Mexican version or Spanish versions. That's my take. But I grew up on the stuff…

  5. Mytien QN says

    OMG everything is wrapped in plastic 🤬

  6. Susan Tobias says

    hi max are you german?

  7. shiili sauce says


  8. Tzi Khan says

    You have eaten all the mump exploder

  9. Nil Ong says


  10. keevolution says

    I hate you. I want to eat at 2AM now.

  11. Rein VM says

    you just make me feel hungry

  12. Joseph Lister says

    Yum yum. The filipino food looks delicious. Craving for some now. Love this video

  13. Grace Joy Jayme says

    Try cebu.in mandaue street foods tongolan..all organ of pig,marinate 24 hrs.after fried..with soy sauce+vinegar+kalamnsi+chilli..hanging rice puso..

  14. Mylah Barreto says

    Stumbled upon you vlog earlier, and some hours later of binge watching I feel like somehow nothing I ate over the weekend was adequate enough!

  15. noel relingo says

    Nice sir nice i like watching you enjoying pilipino food hehehhe
    Cause i am pilipino

  16. SEAN ORONOS says

    I love jollibee

  17. Diem Tran says

    This Lechon is same like “ Heo Quay” in Vietnam 😌

  18. Joy Vee says

    I have binge watching your Vietnam vlogs when i was sick for days. And only found your Philippines vids just today ☺️ I love your vietnam series. you and vietnam are like soulmates. their food talks to you and you are always vibrant sharing your vietnam experience. hahaha i know their umami ingredient (MSG) and i know your love for spiciness since they are generous with their red chilies. I love you Max!

  19. Heinz Hummer says

    Try bicol express,sinanglaw,bangus sinigang,batil patong,and let me think some more.

  20. lifeisabeach says

    Why do some countries in Asia wrap plate and bowl in plastics? So much unnecessary plastic waste. Just wash the damn things!

  21. Ryan Chill says

    Sisig is life! Angeles City food lovers paradise!

  22. Beverly Palma says

    I wanna Go home and eat all this food with my family😞

  23. Agoroy Agoroy says

    My goodness Lechon s life yum!

  24. Leann Lily says

    Yummy…heart attack food!

  25. Jhaelcarl Osea says

    im hungry now

  26. M-rei TV says

    You're the only one foreigner vlogger knows how to use the spoon as knife 😁

  27. Ozy Neew says

    The dish number ten kinda copy of Indonesian dish called pecel lele and its everywhere in Indonesia 😁

  28. jojo says

    I don't have any problem being lockdown for a year, but my big problem right now is watching this at 1a.m with only water inside my fridge. 😭😭😭

  29. Raph Villaflores says

    Letchon and pork bbq is 🥰🤗

  30. Ronald Kim Dimacali says

    The next mark wiens 💪 Good luck bro i hope you enjoy our filipino food.

  31. macky castillo says

    Now im craving for lechon, 🙁 nice vlog though i love your contents ❤

  32. Mercy Lauronilla says

    I swear to God if this virus is over I'm going to eat all the food your eating now XD (not all I'm already fat)

  33. Papa Tanhueco says

    My goodness!Im starving!😋

  34. Herchel Niño I. Baliwas says

    I was in awe and amazement, then I saw Jolibee…..

  35. Joseph Alegado says

    I love Pungko Pungko and especially Siomai sa Tisa..

  36. Lala Thyravong says

    Try more Laos food like bamboo soup, Nam Khow, Larb, stuffed tapioca balls and our desserts

  37. Viel Atienza says

    i just have to notice how you are using spoon AT EVERY DISH. even with the noodles and pasta. i think u figured out that u get a lot in one trip if ur using spoon and have grown accustomed to it. 🙂

  38. Kitty Kitty says

    Im so salivating 😭😭😭 lechon sisig and street foods!

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