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  1. Joseph T says

    For those who aren't familiar, the first time pass rate for the bar in the PI is pretty much the inverse of the U.S. Much respect.

  2. Novie Navaritte says

    Hi!can you make more vlogs about laww school i search for attt vlogger and i found u hhahah..new subscriber here♥️

  3. Ryne Jacen Tonio says

    ohhhh this future attorney just lives nearby, hope i could get into law school someday just like you po :((((

  4. presh cyan says

    Ate magkano po binabayaran per sem, ate plsss pasagod, iba iba po kasing sagot lumalabas sa google eh, pasagot po plsssss

  5. 이lee says

    This is the first ever law school vlog I saw and now there are so many but why this gives me nostalgic feelings

  6. Victoria ocean says

    I am a shs student, I was wondering if you have tips and advice to give since Bata PA ako pwedeng paghandaan.

    PS. Also habits to add, like writing etc.

  7. Cholo T. Mariano says

    Ilang years kana nag law

  8. jen. says

    hozier >_____<

  9. Princess Shaneia Tan says

    At first i really WANTED to be a Med student but im not sure cause these days i’ve been interested in Law.So yeah i’m still confused to what course i should take

  10. Trixie Elli says


  11. Yla Hadid says

    Hi! i've just discovered this vlog and its amazing you're so beautiful i just hope i can make it.🧚

  12. Griffin John Santillan says

    Hi crush 🙂

  13. Alexis Peña says

    gusto ko din mag lawyer kaso i'm too dumb

  14. Saint MM says

    Kakabasa ko ng wattpad na ung author ay uplaw student din ,, Ariesa Domingo aka "beeyotch" name kaya napadpad ako dito ,,anyway goodluck po sa journey !

  15. This Nyc says

    Ang ganda namang lawyer nito. Sana ol.

  16. Hey, Pristine! says

    Are you 100% sure of going to heaven when you die?

    Romans 6:23 KJV
    For the wages of sin is death; but the gift of God is eternal life through Jesus Christ our Lord.

    Accept Jesus Christ in your heart!

  17. Fatima Jewel says

    This convinced me to study soon in UP huhu

  18. Jacquelyn Ramos says

    UP is my dream school huhu. I also want to take law kaso natatakot ako baka I might fail Lang din. New subscriber here hheeheh

  19. Steve Aves says

    Is it hard to be admitted in UP College of Law? Btw I enjoyed your vlog.

  20. Jem Magday says

    Hello po. May I ask if law school is accepting hrm graduates? Ayos lang po ba if hrm graduate then go to law school? What are the pros and cons po. Hope you'll reply. Thanks

  21. corona virus says


  22. Aeran Jaein Roselli says

    Hi po ate im shs student po before gusto ko po mag law but medjo natatakot po ako na baka di ko kayanin kasi po napaka mahiyain at napaka introvert ko pong tao at kailangan po bang matalino ka sa math at ilang taon po ang pag aaral ng law thank you po

    May advice po ba kayo😊

  23. jess sy ville says

    Good that I have found your vid ms. Law because I am planning to enroll in Juris Doctor course…hehehe…correct me if I am wrong about JD term. I am a working student as well but I am currently enrolling in MPA because I am working in one of the government agency here in the Philippines.

  24. Rex Abiabi says

    Good luck sa Bar

  25. magic box says

    Hi! I HAVE A CONCERN. May I know what case can I file for a woman who is falsely accusing a man of rape?

  26. Cris Agagaring says

    Wow naol po vegetarian and fruitarian 😊

  27. Brian Jason Delos Santos says

    Bakit ang fresh pa din?!😍

  28. Too Many Fandoms says

    Hi! Hoping i could maybe get your opinion..? Im thinking of taking law as well but im taking accounting (CPA, hopefully) and would that be reasonable? Or um yeah ehe😅

    Love ur vid btw❤

  29. AA Yo says

    Ate ask ko lang po, what was your pre-law-course? Hoping for your respond. 🙏

  30. Alliah Pareno says

    political science po ba ang course niyo?

  31. yssakhulitz says

    Ateee upload ka ulitt!!

  32. Reiner Gallardo says

    Hi po ano po fave study food niyo TIA

  33. Marco Claus says

    Hi Rona, I am an incoming freshman this AY 2020. Wish me luck. Your video inspires me a lot. It looks really difficult but manageable. My struggle for now is my penmanship cuz my stroke is like a medical prescription. haha

  34. Gwyneth Cassandra says

    Hi po! What was ur pre law course? 🙂

  35. Sharlie Anne Dagdag says

    ate, what's your pre law course??

  36. Hassiii says

    Ano po age niyo when you started law school? 🙂

  37. yssakhulitz says

    Hi ate ano po mga recommended nyo na pre law course? 🙂

  38. mj eleven says

    I intentionally search for this since I was planning to be a lawyer. Thhhaaaaanks for this!

  39. LC Duchess says

    Hi po! I'm a new subscriber! I see you postrd this one 3 yrs ago so it means you're now working po? Uwuuu

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