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COVID-19: Philippine President Duterte warns lockdown violators could be shot if they fight back


  1. Andres Kalayaan says

    Debold Sinas anyone???

  2. The Verdeblanco’s says

    Im from iponan Cagayan de oro Philippines and we have been fed so don’t spread lies our president is kind and that shooting stuff its true if people does not listen and president Du30 will not do anything we might end up like USA

  3. kusina koto says

    MISLEADING REPORT… all bias media they sell to the devil their soul… for the sake of money and interest…

  4. PiT zA says

    he said if u are a leftist and making trouble u will be dead!

  5. John Nestor Borjal says

    You must say THE PHILIPPINE

  6. Tion Official says

    CNA. You're all idiots.

  7. rosita silva says

    Me: hey dont go outside there is covid 19

    Kids: You think we can agree?

  8. anna lissa cañones says

    The Philippines before Duterte, was a plutocracy. Now that Duterte has come to office, the Philippines has been given a clean slate leaving the traditional plutocrats and politicians zeroing only one target… DUTERTE, who hails from a region with no clout… Mindanao.

    Duterte is a man of integrity in Davao, a diamond in the rough, with only one simple mind… to do the right thing and to get it done the right way. He has a great track record of governance as mayor of Davao, worked in the legislative branch and started as a prosecutor in the judicial branch.

    The Filipino people LOVE him and could feel his ardor for promoting the welfare of the general people, yet has been firm in uplifting the country…. discarding the rotten and prioritising EDUCATION for all by making all state universities free. No matter who the plutocracy and the U.S. plant in the Philippines to form public opinion of the FILIPINO people, WE THE PEOPLE OURSELVES will guard our dignity by defending our leader and future leaders who fight for our freedom and RIGHT TO DEVELOPMENT as a COUNTRY AND PEOPLE WITH PRIDE AND DIGNITY.

  9. Allan Cahinhinan says

    mis-leading bias fake news… shame on you…

  10. hang over says

    fake news

  11. Jesus is KING says

    The media are just paid trolls nowadays. Don't feed the trolls, stop watching.

  12. Dapyong Pagatpat says

    mster pressedent huminge sana ako sa inyo kung pwde sna pwde ba kame mka uwe sa probinsya namin ngyong november.25..0r sa 28…Yan Lang po ang hinihiling ko sa inyo…sna po mabigyan niyo naman kami ng pag kka taon n maka uwe sa probinsya namin..junjun pagatpat po dto po ako nag work sa Antipolo Rizal city.brangy delapaz Tak Tak rod sbdivision Baltao..sna po mka uwe po ako sa probinsya namin…ng yong November 28..naawa po kau Mister pressedent duterte..

  13. Patrick Cruz says

    Please READ. Don't ignore.
    COVID-19 has affected and is still affecting millions of Filipino people. Some of us may be a bit lucky to be given relief and aid from the government. However, that is not the case for others who are less fortunate.

    Please spare a moment of your time to check out my friend's donation drive:

    Children in his community are in need of recreation to ease their minds amidst the Corona virus pandemic. Hence, he has decided to start a fundraiser for them. Please donate, any amount will be appreciated. If you don't want to donate please at least copy paste this in your feed or DM your friends to encourage them to do the same. That would be all and have a good day 😊

  14. Jonas Arnalti says

    Allot of CCP army CHINESE BOTS commenting on here and giving fake thumbs up.

  15. Monaliza Menorca- Austin says

    Sorry but your information is wrong. The shoot them dead order is for terrorist who shoot the army who were helping the government staff delivering relief goods.

  16. APD JR says

    "Violators could be shot"!!!!!! The announcer says "Police and military to shoot dead anyone…" FAKE NEWS!!!

  17. tropang adik sa basketball says

    Fake news

  18. Asong Kalye says

    Boooo CNA! This is Media nowadays! Bias. Watch the full video of it. This is not the whole context. Stupid Media!

    Media's are collaborating from around thr wordl to Discredit this President. That's why Media nowadays are called Fake News.


  19. Donald Duterti says

    Lucky Spanish foreigner Parra in Dasmarinas. Duterte said shoot lockdown violators who fight back.

  20. Nico Montinola says

    Silent protest na tayo lahat until this fake lock-down is lifted. It's just pseudo-martial law enforcement. The Wuhan virus was designed by China to kill people so tyrant govt can control the public. Govt is supposed to serve the public, not the other way around!

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